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Urban Undercover are the most luxurious convertible panties that you will ever get

Editorial Staff

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The foldable panties turn into a pocket and have a spot for a secret stash

As ladies, we all have those days where we aren’t sure if we are going to be spending the night someplace, so we pack an extra pair of underwear in our bags just in case. However, no one wants to experience that embarrassing moment where you are at Starbucks and you reach into your purse to grab your wallet and your thong falls out. Cue Urban Undercover. Urban Undercover has a chic line of EXTREMELY comfy panties that roll up into an inconspicuous pocket that eliminates the embarrassment, even if they do fall out in a room full of people.

The Urban Undercovers come in boyshorts, hipsters and thongs. Made from an unbelievably comfortable material, when unrolled these convenient panties contain a pocket that acts as a secret stash where you can put your keys, ID, tampon or anything else you feel needs to be put in a secret place. The Urban Undercover KickStarter campaign to get the company started called for $15,000 and they have surpassed their goal, currently with $17,145$ and 353 backers.

It is no wonder this product raised so much money since the quality and appearance of the underwear with it’s gorgeous intricate lace material, rivals some of the top lingerie companies. So, remember if your Urban Undercover falls out, you can always save it with “Ooops, I dropped my stress ball.” Grab yourself some Urban Undercover products HERE.

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