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Bad first date? There's an app for that

Jason Oliva

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Relationships app aims to relieve dating stress

Terrible at first dates or relationships in general? Don’t worry, there’s an app for that. The app, Impressions, was recently launched on the website Wotwentwrong, a site that aims to uncover the underlying reasons behind failed relationships.

Impressions, though only in its beta stage, allows users to create a timeline of their relationships. With a user’s dating history set forth in front of them, users can also mark dating milestones such as first kisses and first dates. Forums and polls also help give users feedback on how to approach certain situations, everything from dealing with an argument to deciphering cryptic text messages.

Impressions’ founder Audrey Melnik said the app was created “to help relieve the uncertainty and anxiety that relationships can produce by providing advice on how to proceed in situations that may cause confusion.”

With the rise in popularity of online dating as a means to meet new people, it’s no wonder why the dating app would prove helpful given this technological era. The problem with dating sites is that they get you in the door for a date, but nothing is guaranteed to work. That relies on the individual. Impressions seeks to dismantle relationship complications by providing its users with the intel and experience of others to ensure dating success, and ultimately, happiness.

According to Melnik, the main cause of anxiety in relationships is due to a lack of communication. The Impressions founder cites the text message as the culprit for dating confusion since it omits tone of voice, making it difficult to understand the message’s true meaning.

“It’s about self-improvement,” said Melnik. “You’re doing all of this anonymously so you can really expel those feelings of anxiety.”

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