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Teen Calls for Boycott of Girl Scout Cookies

Danielle Olipra

Girl Scout Cookie Sale

Teen complains about admission of transgender child

A 14-year-old girl identified as “Taylor” has called for a boycott of the Girl Scouts’ famous annual cookie sale.  Her complaint stems from the fact that the Girl Scouts admitted a 7-year-old transgender child into a Colorado troop in November, says the Washington Post.

Three Girl Scout troops at a Christian school in Louisiana disbanded in December, also in protest of the transgender girls’ admittance.   “Taylor” has attained more media attention through her YouTube video, during which she accuses the organization of “spending money from cookie sales in promoting the desires of a small handful of people.”

She goes on to say that Girl Scouts is being dishonest with its members as well as the public, proclaiming, “girl Scouts describes itself as an all-girl experience. With that label, families trust that the girls will be in an environment that is not only nurturing and sensitive to girls’ needs, but also safe for girls.”

In response to the proposed boycott, Michelle Tompkins, a national Girl Scouts spokeswoman, sent an e-mail to The Washington Post on Wednesday in which she said the organization “prided itself on being an inclusive organization serving girls from all walks of life.”

Read more and see the YouTube video here.

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