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3 off leash dog parks in the greater seattle area

Taryn Ziegler

3 off leash dog parks in the greater seattle area

These dog parks are like amusement parks for your dog

Walking your dog is great and all, but there’s nothing like the satisfying “click” sound of releasing his or her leash from their collar and letting them fly across a natural landscape with utter freedom, that is why these 3 off leash dog parks in the greater Seattle area are perfect for you and your companion. There’s not always time to haul your mutt to an off-leash dog park, but when there is, you know you want to be going to the right place. Fortunately, the Pacific Northwest is exceptionally pet-friendly. In Washington, there are a plethora of off-leash dog parks practically right outside your door. For those of you living in the Lynnwood, Everett, and Edmonds areas, here are three of the best parks to take your adventurous and furry companion.

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1. Marymoor Dog Park

While all three of these parks have their own unique amenities, Marymoor is by far the most expansive and impressive. Located in Redmond, the Marymoor Park includes a variety of different areas for recreation, including a massive off-leash dog park running alongside the Sammamish River. The Marymoor Dog Park covers over 40 acres of land and has 5 individual sites where dogs have access to the river itself to swim, drink, and be otherwise rowdy.

Six miles of looped trails make sure that not only the dogs but the owners get their exercise, and if you’re a human that likes to socialize, you’re in for a treat: Marymoor is typically highly populated. It costs $1 to park in the Marymoor parking lot, but this is a tiny fee in comparison to the huge reward waiting for you in the park itself. Refuse baggies and trash cans are available in multiple areas across the park to keep the grounds free of unpleasant surprises.

2. Off Leash Area Edmonds

If you were looking for a more salty and watery trip, take your fuzzy friend to the Marina Beach in Edmonds. At the southernmost tip of the beach you will find the fenced-off “Off Leash Area Edmonds,” which is a dog park run strictly by volunteers. Out of the three this is by far the smallest park, but it is also the only park that offers ocean access.  Furthermore, it is the only park located (safely) next to railroad tracks, upon which impressive trains come hurtling across on occasion. Parking is free but sometimes difficult when the weather is nice and there are tons of people out and about.

Bags and trashcans are available at this location as well. There is also a pump and multiple dishes to keep your dog hydrated with fresh water. The area is completely fenced off and you enter first through two small gates onto a sandy, gravelly area where dogs are free to roam. This area quickly slopes downwards into a rocky beach and on into the water of the Puget Sound. Let Fido roam, romp, and play while you dreamily watch sailboats, ferries, and kayakers pass by in the watery distance. Or, when the weather is bearable, swim along with your dog in the salty sea.

3. Willis D. Tucker Park Dog Park

This off-leash dog park, similar to Marymoor, is located within a larger recreational park (Willis D. Tucker Community Park). There is no fee to park, and you will not often have problems finding a place to do so. The Willis D. Tucker Park Dog Park features three distinct sections for Spot to play. The first section that you come upon from the parking lot is the 1.25-acre forest area, filled with towering trees and meandering dirt paths. Take your rain boots with you for this area, for when there have been reoccurring rain showers it can get quite muddy.

Past the forest trails lies a 6-acre meadow area, the center of which features multiple water dishes (which you must fill yourself) and refuse bags. Outside of the fenced area are dumpsters where you can rid yourself of your pet’s unwanted presents. Next to the meadow area and nestled inside of the forest trails is a fenced-off shy dog area, which is dedicated exclusively to low-impact dogs who want a nice quiet play time.

Rain or Shine

No matter where you go or what the weather’s like, your dog will love you for taking them outdoors. Be cautious and alert at all times while at off-leash dog parks to make sure that everyone is only having a good time. Whether you’re roving across the sandy beaches of Edmonds, the sprawling trails of Marymoor, or the forested paths of Willis D. Tucker, you’re bound to have a great time at one of these  3 off leash dog parks in Seattle.

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