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Percy Harvin traded to Seahawks after fight with coach, displeasure with quarterback

Ted Ballantine

Percy Harvin has never played a full season without injury

The dynamic wide receiver comes with baggage, but lots of talent

The Seattle Seahawks were the underdogs in 2012’s NFL playoff picture. But come 2013, they won’t be underrated anymore. They may even be the favorites.

The Seahawks agreed on Monday to acquire dynamic wide receiver Percy Harvin from the Minnesota Vikings, in exchange for three Seattle draft picks: a first- and seventh-rounder this year, and a mid-round pick in 2014.

The trade is contingent on Harvin passing a physical and signing a new contract with Seattle. Harvin’s rookie deal expires this off-season and he is reportedly looking for a salary close to that of all-pro receiver Calvin Johnson, who makes $132 million over eight years.

Harvin was publicly unhappy with the Vikings and, after several incidents, the Vikings decided to part ways with Harvin.

Harvin’s problems started years ago, when before he was drafted, he failed a drug test at the NFL Combine in 2009. Last year, he threatened to walk out on the Vikings over a contract dispute. He was also reportedly unhappy with quarterback Christian Ponder throughout last season.

The problems came to a head during the final weeks of last season, when Harvin allegedly got into a physical altercation with head coach Leslie Frazier around the time Harvin was placed on the Injured Reserve list.

The Seahawks are willing to take Harvin’s baggage as long as it comes with his talent. But Golden Tate, a wide receiver on the Seahawks, didn’t seem completely excited about the added competition for his job.

“The Seahawks are trying to do whatever they think is necessary to put together a Super Bowl quality team. If this is one of the steps they think works to accomplish that, then that’s their choice. I don’t think it will impact any of our work habits. We are still going to grind and let the cards play out the way that they will,” he said.

Indeed, the Seahawks see Harvin as a dynamic player to add to an already exciting offense. A backfield of Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch and Percy Harvin will likely drive NFL defenses crazy, and Harvin has had success with mobile quarterbacks before; in college, he won a BCS Championship with Tim Tebow at his side.

Harvin played only 9 games in 2012, but caught 62 passes for 677 yards.

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