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“OVER 18, Sex Knowledge”

Editorial Staff

By Phila Vocia

Set for a young audience, though anyone over 18 can enjoy the awareness.  Having the erotica first, then moving into the really good knowledge, through the socially medicinal effect, like hard medicine, you get the real facts.  Like a cordial greeting, coaxing the reader to gain understanding, with easy to absorb sweet juicy erotica scenes that grasp the reader’s attention using politely explicit details in the hot story, the reader is then prepared and open for the sturdier, structured points made about sexuality in general.  A provocative title and they do mean knowledge; you get erotica and a whole lot more.  After the hot story, the pages are full of safe sex information, touching on guidelines for relationships from awkward situations that arise to the really hot, happy experiences and giving the reader facts about existing laws, making the reader aware of marriage laws, civil unions, discrimination and prenuptial agreements. 

The short 27 page book crushes the obstacles, puts questions to rest, and empowers the reader.  It’s the kind of sex knowledge that may be spicy, but it’s wholesome and spicy, helpful without any nudity.  The writing will excite your mind because you can imagine your own sex scenes. 

From the book, “Begin with a hot sex scene and end feeling pretty hot yourself.  Intended to send your mind reeling, you will be satisfied!  Picture yourself in every moment and then continue to read and let a whole world of sex knowledge make you want for more.  But here, without leaving home, your desk or car, you feel like you are starting out into safe sexy territory.  Take this poetic sex journey you will arrive safely and be delighted with your visit.”      

And from the erotica story, “Both characters could be any skin color and age. They ultimately could be of any economic status or level of education. They could live in small town U.S.A. or abide in a huge metropolitan city. They each could be chic, a college preppie, a punk rocker, a new ager, a musician, an artist, an entrepreneur, a homemaker, a craftsman, or doctor or lawyer, a sci-fi technician, or just a plain laborer, but one thing that they have no control over is a strong natural desire for sex.”

Still more, the poem sizzles…Break into the notion to move in gyrations, that lead you to loosen those inhibitions to…oh…I’m enjoying it…

And for extra sizzle, a bonus link where you can listen to a FREE recording of the erotic story and poem is inside of the book!

Based in Egg Harbor Twp, NJ – 2015 – Phila Vocia, the author produced a dating cartoon pilot, did a little modeling, at a local level, endeavored into acting and radio and TV and all the while spent many years doing sex research, documenting it along the way and at the same time kept a civic minded approach to her dealing with life changing events.  Vocia is STILL breaking the mold, avoiding the obstacles, thinking out of the box and putting it in easy to understand language.  “OVER 18, Sex Knowledge” is available in paperback $11.90 and online as a digital copy $3.99.  

Check out Phila’s “Breathe Planet Breathe!” WALK THE MALL WITH US!”, “101 WAYS TO HAVE A BREATH OF FRESH AIR”, and Bizarre Ways to Quit Smoking and a Few Good Ways Too…” all are available at Kindle online books, the paperback is there too or see her website for the books.  The book is published by

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