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Over 100 Injured in Birmingham

Alabama saw extreme weather that took two lives

On Monday, storms and tornadoes wreaked havoc across the South.  The Birmingham area was hit especially hard, says The Global Post.  A town near Birmingham called Oak Grove experienced roofs being torn away from houses, windows blown out of cars and completely taking out homes.  Oak Grove also endured severe weather in April that killed about 240 people.

There have only been two casualties reported from the most recent storms.  An 82-year-old man who lived in Oak Grove, and a 16-year-old girl from the city of Clay both lost their lives.  Over 100 injuries have been reported, ranging from scrapes to broken bones.

Yasamie Richardson, a spokeswoman for the Alabama Emergency Management Agency, said of Monday’s damage “some roads are impassable, there are a number of county roads where you have either debris down, trees down, or damage from homes.”

Tornado warnings were also issued for parts of Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama.

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