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NBC spoiler apology issued after fans expressed anger

Sara Hall

A NBC spoiler apology was issued.

The network aired Olympics clip that gave away event results

NBC has had to issue an apology after they aired a commercial clip that gave away the results of an Olympic event. The NBC spoiler apology  came moments before swimmer Missy Franklin’s 100-meter gold medal win on Monday when the network aired a clip of Franklin celebrating with her parents, saying “When you’re 17-years-old and win your first gold medal, there’s nobody you’d rather share it with.”

Many people immediately began complaining to the network, thus sparking a very quick NBC spoiler apology. After many Olympics fans expressed anger, top executives issued the NBC spoiler apology, ensuring viewers it will never happen again.

“Clearly that promo should not have aired at that time,” NBC’s statement said. “We have a process in place and this will not happen again. We apologize to viewers who were watching and didn’t know the result of the race.”

However, the NBC spoiler apology may not be enough for some fans. Many people are complaining that the network is not doing an adequate job of coverage the Games. Still, despite a perhaps not well-received NBC spoiler apology and unsatisfactory coverage, more than 31 million people continue to watch the network’s coverage of the 2012 Olympics. These numbers are the highest for a non-U.S. Summer Games in almost 36 years.

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