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Miley Cyrus pregnant with Juicy J's child

Emily Vasquez

Miley Cyrus remains the trending topic on social media

Reports of Miley Cyrus’ pregnancy spread like wildfire, rumor debunked by reliable sources

Can it be true?

The rebellious Miley Cyrus is once again shocking fans with rumor that she is pregnant with rapper Juicy J’s child.  As of late Sunday night, Twitter feeds were bursting with speculations that Cyrus was indeed pregnant with the 38-year-old rappers child. The story broke on, producing an elaborate story that both Cyrus and Juicy J announced onstage at the BET Awards that they were indeed expecting.

Just as quickly as it appeared, the story was severely torn down by various sources. Instead this became a tale to beware of wary sources. A hoax fabricated by the hip-hop website, neither Cyrus nor Juicy J acknowledged the rumor despite the tremendous attention on social media sites.

So, jokes on us. The article issued a detailed account of the incident at the BET Awards but according to the Huffington Post’s official roster of the event, neither artist attended the show. The article also quoted Cyrus as stating, “No, I’m really pregnant.” Even the alleged reaction of the audience, a burst of laughter, appeared a bit odd.

The power of persuasion definitely played a toll in this rumor. Today, it can be difficult to sift the truth from a tall tale. Two hot topic celebrities and a high-profile event. Bizarre but it is not far from other publicity stunts that turn out to be true.

So, is it true? No. Miley Cyrus is not pregnant with Juicy J’s child. This should be a warning, do not believe everything you read.

Neither Cyrus nor Juicy J acknowledged the rumor on their social media accounts in which they update fans on a daily basis.

This rumor will likely be dropped into the spam folder with the rest of the rumor mill. 

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