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Do you believe in life after Lollapalooza?

Follow these steps to make a full Lolla recovery

If you attended Lollapalooza this weekend and you’re not superhuman, you’re probably still reeling from the aftermath of 10-hour days battling the elements — we know you know the sun, rain and, of course, mud was not a joke. That’s not even to mention the post-Lolla heartache you’re probably experiencing, something that feels like a bad breakup (with someone with the best taste in music) that will take some time to get over. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of steps you can take to make a complete recovery.

1) Hydrate
If you’re like most people who attended Lolla, you’re probably feeling dried up like Spongebob on that episode where he endlessly searches for water. (We know you know what we’re talking about.)
To combat this, Mayo Clinic recommends you drink the equivalent of 60 percent of your body mass in ounces of water, but you might want to up that dosage in the next few days. Drinking a little more water than normal is never a bad thing, especially if you were of age and added alcohol, a surefire way to get dehydrated, to the mix.

2) Sleep Even if you just went for one day, and especially if you made it through all three days, we’re sure you’re riding the struggle bus this afternoon and probably will be for the rest of the day (or week). So even if you’re not the type of person who likes to switch up your bedtime, it’s probably for your benefit to add a few hours of quality Zzzs to your sleep schedule tonight. You’ll thank yourself later.

3) Check out new artists
Maybe a friend dragged you along to a show or you just happened to stumble on a new band while you were waiting for another to start.
Either way, music festivals like Lollapalooza are a perfect opportunity to check out new artists you may have never heard of before.
Heard something you liked? Check them out on Spotify, YouTube or the artist’s own website. Look around for free playlists — you may be surprised what you find.

4) …and any performances you may have missed.
Aside from the physical aftermath that Lolla brings, we know there’s another kind of pain you’re experiencing: the emotional distress that comes from conflicting set times.
You know, that inevitable guilt for having to choose to see Frank Ocean instead of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Passion Pit instead of The Shins, Jack White instead of Justice.
Luckily for you, Lollapalooza feels your pain and is looking out for you by having many of the sets up on their Youtube channel. Check it out here.

5) Relive the memories.  Sure, Lollapalooza is just another big-name music festival, but it’s our big-name music festival.
Over the past three days, we grew to love it and are now experiencing Post Lolla Depression. To help cope with the pain, check out any photos you may have taken over the weekend.
Read some articles and reviews of the event. Remember what it was like to be stuck in that whirlwind music experience because it was just that: an experience that you’ll always remember.
Alright. Now rest up, and start planning for next year.

Lindsay Lohan is shy about getting naked?

The actress made demands to camera crew about stripping down

Lindsay Lohan doesn’t seem like the type of person who would be shy about getting naked, especially after her nude Playboy shoot last year. But when she was filming a scene in her upcoming movie The Canyons with the infamous porn star James Deen, she refused to strip down in front of the crew without everyone else joining in.

At Lindsay Lohan’s request, the 10-man crew stripped down to their underwear in order to make her feel more comfortable about going topless. Although the men on set weren’t exactly pleased with the idea at first, they eventually caved into Lindsay Lohan’s demands, according to reporst. In a photo posted to Facebook, Lindsay Lohan and James Deen are seen covered by nothing but a sheet.

Lindsay Lohan’s publicist said, “The cast and crew have been working with Lindsay to make the film as compelling as possible.”

Lindsay Lohan has been notably hard to work with in her previous movies and TV appearances, especially her Lifetime movie Liz & Dick and her appearance on Glee. However, only good reports have surfaced thus far about Lindsay Lohan’s work on The Canyons.

Director Paul Schrader had nothing but kind words for the controversial actress in a Facebook post he made, saying “Working with her every day on varied scenes I’ve been making a mental checklist of classic movie performances she’s touched upon.” He also compared her acting skills to those of Liz Taylor and Marilyn Monroe.

Schrader’s words about Lindsay Lohan were then met with doubt, but he made another post stating that time will show that Lindsay’s work will pay off in the long run. 

New Curiosity rover gives scientists brand new view of Mars

The rover comes with new and improved cameras

The new Curiosity rover is set to land on Mars this Sunday and will give scientists an astounding view of the planet. The Curiosity rover, weighing in at 1-ton and costing NASA $2.5 billion, is said to be capable of supporting microbial life.

This robot-with-six-wheels Curiosity rover is carrying 10 science instruments, as well as high-tech cameras to record life on the Red Planet. The Curiosity rover comes after older robot rovers like Spirit and Opportunity. The Curiosity rover, however, is bigger and better than any previous robots, scientists are saying.

The rover comes with cameras mounted on a “stalk,” called the Remote Sensing Mast, that gives the scientists back on earth a view of Mars that would be similar to what a human’s view would be.

The Curiosity rover also has an imaging system called the Mastcam that gives an additional view of Mars. The mastcam is comprised of two cameras that sit side by side, just like a pair of human eyes. This mastcam also allows for color images to be captured.

Many scientists are comparing the cameras on the Curiosity rover to that of a digital camera. The Curiosity rover can also capture images in infared.

With all the camera advances in the Curiosity rover, scientists will no longer have to put together time-lapse footage from individual images, and they can now make high definition video.

Missing Washington girl thought to have been abducted found

Girl actually ran away on her own terms, authorities say


A 16-year-old missing Washington girl has been found after authorities thought she had been abducted early Wednesday morning. Upon entering her room on that Wednesday morning, her parents found her room in complete chaos; the window was open and the screen had been cut. Her cell phone had been left behind.

The Mason County sheriff’s office took this as a sign of struggle, and they instantly issued an Amber alert for the missing Washington girl, Vivian Gaspar-Guerrero.  However, once the girl was found, it was concluded that the missing Washington girl had actually cut the window screen herself.

Before her parents checked her room, the missing Washington girl had been last seen at 9 p.m. on Tuesday night in her bedroom. Authorities said they did not believe that she would have ran away or had left voluntarily, but evidence is showing otherwise now.

The missing Washington girl was later found in a northeast area of Shelton, where one of her former boyfriends lived. Deputies said they contacted this boyfriend earlier in the day and asked him to contact them if they heard anything from the missing Washington girl. The young man did so as soon as he heard from her.

The missing Washington girl did not have a history of running away, authorities said.

Tippi Hedren says Alfred Hitchcock made sexual advances, ruined her career

Hedren said Hitchcock made it impossible for her to get other roles

Tippi Hedren has recently revealed in an interview that Alfred Hitchcock ruined her career after she refused sexual advances from him. Tippi Hedren starred in Hitchcock’s films The Birds and Marnie.  Her time with the famous director will be displayed in the new HBO movie The Girl.

The new movie will show Tippi Hedren, now 82, during her time with Hitchcock –in which she said he was obsessed with her and then became vindictive when she did not return his affection. Tippi Hedren said in a meeting with the Television Critics Association she fought to get out of her contract with Hitchcock – and lost roles as a result.

“We are dealing with a brain here that was an unusual genius – and evil and deviant, almost to the point of dangerous – because of the effect that he could have on people that were totally unsuspecting,” she said.

One scene of the upcoming movie shows Hitchcock trying to force Tippi Hedren into kissing him in the backseat of a car during The Birds filming. The Birds came out in 1963.

Tippi Hedren went on to call Hitchcock an extremely sad character in her interview. She said he demanded she become sexually available exclusively for him. In a clip for the movie, it appeared Tippi Hedren suffered numerous cuts, especially to her face.

Tippi Hedren said she could never escape Hitchcock because of her contract, and once she escaped it, he made sure she could not find work anywhere else. Tippi Hedren was then refused by other directors as per Hitchcock’s request.

Sienna Miller will play Tippi Hedren in The Girl, which debuts on October 20. Toby Jones will play the Hitchcock role.

Ann Romney horse dazzles during Olympics competition

Her horse came in 13th place in “dressage” category

Ann Romney’s horse is competing in this year’s Olympics, and so far, it has not disappointed during the competition. Ann Romney said Thursday that her horse, Rafalca, “thrilled her to death” with its above-average performance in its Olympic debut in the sport category of dressage.

The Ann Romney horse competed in this ancient equestrian sport that is now largely participated in by the wealthy and was brought into the spotlight thanks to Ann Romney’s co-ownership of the horse. The Ann Romney horse, a 15-year-old, German-bred mare has become the brunt of political jokes, as well as ads from Democrats that question how Mitt Romney and his family could run the country when they are participating in such an exclusive sport.

Still, Mitt Romney said he was not phased by the criticism, calling the performance of the Ann Romney horse great. He added that his wife is probably in tears from being so overjoyed.

Ann Romney watched from the VIP section of the equestrian stadium at Greenwich Park for her horse’s competition. The Ann Romney horse was called consistent and elegant from judges and observers and came in with a score of 70.243 percent to come in at 13th place out of the 30 competitors.

The highest scoring riders will move onto the freestyle competition on August 9 for individual medals. The Ann Romney horse will also compete in this event.

Chick-fil-A opposition to come out for Same-Sex Kiss Day

Controversy continues to brew for fast-food chain

After flocks of people came out to show their support for Chick-fil-A during yesterday’s Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, those against the company will also come out tomorrow in boycott of the company’s moral beliefs.

Chick-fil-A has recently been under extreme scrutiny after their CEO made anti-gay comments in an interview. In his interview that started the controversy, Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy said he supports the biblical definition of the family unit and that gay marriage is arrogant.

Now, gay rights advocates, gay marriage supporters and those against the fast-food chain’s moral stance will be coming out on Friday to local Chick-fil-A s across the country as part of a same-sex kissing protest and in part of GLAAD’s efforts to create “Same-Sex Kiss Day”

The gay rights supporters have also pushed for a boycott of Chick-fil-A and are now pushing for new Chick-fil-A outlets be blocked and current ones be shut down. High-profile people have come out of the woodwork to show their disapproval against Chick-fil-A, including the mayors of Boston and Chicago.

The people opposing Chick-fil-A plan to have a kiss-in at the various restaurants across the country.

Many supporters at yesterday’s Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day said they came out because they do not support same-sex marriage because they believe it is immoral and against the constitution. Others said they came out to take a stand against the opposition.

Others say the moral stance of Chick-fil-A has nothing to do with their business, and they will continue to eat at the chain because they enjoy the food.

Despite the Chick-fil-A protests yesterday, business was extremely high for the chicken company. The chain owns more than 1,600 restaurants.

NBC spoiler apology issued after fans expressed anger

The network aired Olympics clip that gave away event results

NBC has had to issue an apology after they aired a commercial clip that gave away the results of an Olympic event. The NBC spoiler apology  came moments before swimmer Missy Franklin’s 100-meter gold medal win on Monday when the network aired a clip of Franklin celebrating with her parents, saying “When you’re 17-years-old and win your first gold medal, there’s nobody you’d rather share it with.”

Many people immediately began complaining to the network, thus sparking a very quick NBC spoiler apology. After many Olympics fans expressed anger, top executives issued the NBC spoiler apology, ensuring viewers it will never happen again.

“Clearly that promo should not have aired at that time,” NBC’s statement said. “We have a process in place and this will not happen again. We apologize to viewers who were watching and didn’t know the result of the race.”

However, the NBC spoiler apology may not be enough for some fans. Many people are complaining that the network is not doing an adequate job of coverage the Games. Still, despite a perhaps not well-received NBC spoiler apology and unsatisfactory coverage, more than 31 million people continue to watch the network’s coverage of the 2012 Olympics. These numbers are the highest for a non-U.S. Summer Games in almost 36 years.

Toyota recall affects two car models, including Lexus

Company is currently working on solution

A Toyota recall was announced on Wednesday as part of a voluntary safety recall involving 778,000 vehicles that were sold in the US starting in 2006 spanning all the way to early 2011. The models involved in the Toyota recall include the early 2011 model RAV4 SUV and the 2010 Lexus HS 250h model. These cars were recalled due to suspension problems.

According to a press release discussing the Toyota recall on their official media website yesterday, this recall includes all 760,000 Toyota RAV4 and approximately 18,000 Lexus HS 250h. The release said no other Toyota or Lexus vehicles are involved in the Toyota recall.
To tell if a car is affected by the Toyota recall, one should check to see if the nuts on the rear suspension arms of these vehicles are not properly tightened according to torque specification during a wheel alignment service. If this is so, there will be an excessive play at the threaded portion of the arm, and rust formation will soon follow.

This could cause the threaded portion of the rear suspension arm to wear down and separate, thus possibly causing accidents. Toyota USA spokesman Brian Lyons told CNN that prior to the Toyota recall, “nine crashes and three minor injuries alleged to be related to this condition.”

Lyons also said that in addition to these cars in America, around 99,000 RAV4’s and 1,000 Lexus HS 250’s are being recalled in Canada as part of the Toyota recall.

Toyota said they are now working to develop a solution and will send notification letters to affected owners once they can fix the problem. No estimated date has been announced yet.

For more information about this Toyota recall, customers are being advised to call Toyota Customer Experience Center at 1-800-331-4331 or to visit www.toyota.com/recall. 

Professor plotted attack against University High

Rainer Reinscheld was upset his son had committed suicide

A professor plotted an attack against University High after his son killed himself. The professor plotted attack was enacted by Rainer Reinscheld, who, to deal with the pain of his son’s suicide, downed sleeping medication, downed two bottles of wine and wrote an alarming email titled “a good plan” in which he described how he wanted to get revenge on the people he blamed for his son’s suicide.

Reinscheid’s son hanged himself hours after he was disciplined by the assistant principal at his high school in Irvine. This caused his father to enter a weeklong downward spiral that caused the professor plotted attack, as well as setting small fires and venting about his anger to school officials.

In the professor plotted attack, he wrote about fantasizing about buying a dozen guns to kill 200 University High students, as well as sexually assaulting the guidance counselor and killing the assistant principal.

“I will make him cry and beg, but I will not give him a chance, just like he did to Claas,” Reinscheid wrote in the professor plotted attack.  “I will make him die, slowly, surely. Next I will set fire to (the school) and try to burn down as much as I can, there should be nothing left that gives them a reason to continue their miserable school.”

Claas was Reinscheld’s son.

Prosecutors are saying the professor plotted attack emails were sent to Reinscheld and his wife and were obtained by the Associated Press on Wednesday from court filings. Although the professor plotted attack appeared deadly, Reinscheld never acted on his violent wishes, authorities saying he showed no evidence of preparing to do so.

Reinscheld obtained his PhD from the Center for Molecular Neurobiology at Hamburg, Germany, in 1993.