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Missing Washington girl thought to have been abducted found

Sara Hall

The missing Washington girl has been found.

Girl actually ran away on her own terms, authorities say


A 16-year-old missing Washington girl has been found after authorities thought she had been abducted early Wednesday morning. Upon entering her room on that Wednesday morning, her parents found her room in complete chaos; the window was open and the screen had been cut. Her cell phone had been left behind.

The Mason County sheriff’s office took this as a sign of struggle, and they instantly issued an Amber alert for the missing Washington girl, Vivian Gaspar-Guerrero.  However, once the girl was found, it was concluded that the missing Washington girl had actually cut the window screen herself.

Before her parents checked her room, the missing Washington girl had been last seen at 9 p.m. on Tuesday night in her bedroom. Authorities said they did not believe that she would have ran away or had left voluntarily, but evidence is showing otherwise now.

The missing Washington girl was later found in a northeast area of Shelton, where one of her former boyfriends lived. Deputies said they contacted this boyfriend earlier in the day and asked him to contact them if they heard anything from the missing Washington girl. The young man did so as soon as he heard from her.

The missing Washington girl did not have a history of running away, authorities said.

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