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Messy Breakup Causes Rita Ora to Postpone Second Album

Adrianna Velazquez

Rita Ora recently confirmed that her sophomore album has been postponed and multiple reports claim that the delay is a result of a very messy breakup.

At a recent fashion show in New York, Ora revealed that her album which was due out sometime later this year won’t see a release until January 2015.

According to multiple reports, the delay stems as a result of ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris, who produced a handful of the tracks slated for the album and is now banning Ora from releasing them.

The pair split in June, but the tension between the old lovers became apparent when Harris blocked Ora from performing her latest single, “I Will Never Let You Down,” at the Teen Choice Awards after not approving Ora to perform the song which he produced.

Ora opened up about the canceled Teen Choice Awards performance to Ryan Seacrest when she confirmed Harris was the reason she wouldn’t be performing as expected, “For anybody who doesn’t understand how it works, he (Calvin Harris) produced the song.”

“So he has to approve anything TV-wise… Obviously he owns the rights to it and he didn’t approve the Teen Choice Awards,” she added.

It seems like the drama following their amicable breakup is far from over.

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