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Maria Menounos reveals past sexual abuse

Sara Hall

Maria Menounos reveals she was sexually abused in the past.

Abuse occurred during visits to the doctor, Menounos stated

Maria Menounos has revealed in an interview on the Howard Stern Show that she was sexually abused by a doctor in the past.

Maria Menounos said, during her guest spot on the show that several years ago, she went to an appointment with a doctor for a throat issue when he had her change into a hospital gown. During that time, he began to touch her inappropriately.

“I was really young, so I was uncomfortable,” Maria Menounos told Stern. “[My boyfriend] Kevin was in the waiting room, and I literally started screaming… I was just so uncomfortable, I didn’t know what to do.”

Maria Menounos said her boyfriend encouraged her to press charges against the doctor, but she did not follow through.

Maria Menounos said she now brings her boyfriend in with her for all doctors appointments, regardless of what type.

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