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Solange Knowles does a live action Mortal Kombat move on Jay Z in an elevator

Editorial Staff

Beyonce and Solange wear the same outfits seen on TMZ's tape

Beyonce’s sister punches and kicks Jay Z after a Met Gala after party

Solange Knowles appeared to have not been too happy with Jay Z at an after party for last week’s Met Gala because celebrity creepers TMZ, just obtained a video of her kicking and punching the rapper inside of an elevator.

The 27-year-old sister of Jay Z’s wife, Beyonce, walked onto the elevator that Beyonce was already on when she immediately turns her aggression on Jay Z and begins swinging at him before a body guard holds her back.

The security footage attained by TMZ has no audio, and is a grainy black and white video, but we can clearly see that Jay Z, Solange and Beyonce are all wearing the chic attire that they were pictured in on the night of the Met Ball.

Beyonce appears calm while this physical altercation occurred, until Solange breaks free and attempts to do her best Mortal Kombat impression and kick Jay Z with her heels.

The trio was than pictured leaving the elevator, as a visibly upset Solange walked ahead, while Jay Z and Beyonce managed to look unbothered.

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