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La Clemenza di Tito touches down in Chicago for performances at Lyric Opera

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Dress rehearsal for Lyric's Clemenza production

Mozart’s opera will run from March 5 through March 23


The tragic tale of power and love, La Clemenza di Tito will be spreading it’s story inside the walls of Lyric Opera in Chicago during it’s run from March 5 through March 23.

La Clemenza di Tito is the work of probably the most famous composer of all-time, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The opera is composed in two acts and was first performed at the Estates Theater in Prague in 1791.  Brimming with revenge and power struggles, the story follows Vitellia, the daughter of the deposed Emperor, whose unrequited love for the current emperor, Tito.

This leads her to try to come up with a revenge plot to try to manipulate Tito’s best friend, Sesto to assassinate him because Sesto is in love with Vitellia. The drama only increases throughout the opera, which will enrapture the audience into the plot as if they were a part of Mozart’s tale.

This is the first time this specific production of Clemenza will be happening in Chicago and their star-studded cast is going to make this production a gem in this season at Lyric. Matthew Polenzani who has sang at the critically acclaimed Metropolitan opera and many other distinguished opera companies, will be playing The Roman Emperor Tito. Soprano Anna Majeski will be using her classically trained voice to portray the daughter of Emperor Vitellio, Vitellia.

Mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato will be taking on a male role, as Tito’s best friend, Sesto. Emily Birsan and Christian Van Horn will also grace the production with performances in the stunning opera.

Tickets for La Clemenza di Tito are available on the Lyric website and of course discounted tickets for college students can be purchased on the NExT website

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