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Want Fabulous Fashion at the Fraction of the Cost? Here’s Where to Go!

Editorial Staff

Are you on a budget but love looking and feeling great? Tuition, books and coffee money have your wallet strapped? I have been there and I am here to help. I love finding brand name and designer clothes at discounted prices. Why spend more on less when you can spend less on more and still look fabulous!

There are many places you can shop to maximize your wallet. Below are the best options I have found. – This is probably the best store I have found. They have super trendy items at extremely low prices. They also have physical stores if you’re looking to go out and shop. They offer free shipping on orders over $30. They also have a coupon code, cnonline, for 25% off your order.

TJ Maxx and Marshalls – They have great prices on your popular brands and styles however their stores can be very messy and disorganized. Their product line is very diverse and I have found some nice deals on home goods. They do not have an online store.

Bargain Outlet Catalog or BOC – They are an online retailer that has fabulous prices on merchandise you can mix with things to create trendy outfits. They do not have any physical stores. They do not offer free shipping.

599fashion – They have trendy style clothing. They have tops and dresses for any occasion. Their site is easy to navigate but the pictures tend to make the site look busy. They do not offer free shipping. – This is another great online store to shop great deals. They specialize in shoes but they also have great products in other categories too. Their prices are higher than the above stores but they offer free shipping on all orders. They have a very easy to navigate site. – If you like high end fashion for less this is a great site. The products are expensive and may be out of range of a college budget but if you love designer brands this is a nice site. They do not offer free shipping but their shipping costs are reasonable. – They have high end fashion designer brands that they can name at discount prices. They offer free shipping on any order in the domestic USA.

Do not forget about your local thrift and consignment shops. It may take more time to shop there but the deals you may find are fabulous. They are perfect if you like the classy or vintage looks.

I hope these help you stretch your wallet and awaken the fashionista within.

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