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Introducing Airbac – The Solution to a Heavy Backpack

Editorial Staff

I was recently asked by my friends to go to an event with them sponsored by Airbac. I went on their website ( to do a little more research and quickly realized what an awesome product it really is. Online it talks about how the backpacks are good for your posture, back pains, and just overall comfort. I got to the event and took the Airbac challenge. The challenge was taking the contents of my current backpack, which was about 30 pounds and transferred it into one of the Airbac’s. I put the bag on and it was really comfortable. I was standing up straight and the bag literally felt like half the weight. Then they released the air out of the bag and I immediately fell back a little. The bag without the air system in place had me slouching and was much harder to carry.

        After seeing first hand how well this product actually worked, I decided to invest in an Airbac for myself. My friends then saw me walking around campus with it and were constantly asking me where they could get one. I told them about the website and it occurred to me that maybe I could try and become a brand ambassador. I called up Airbac and they helped me begin the Ambassador program they have set up. They gave me a special code that I could give to my friends and whoever else asks me about the product. This code allows them to see the people who are buying the product from my recommendation. I make a percentage for every bag sold from my introduction. Not only am I relieved of back pain but also, Airbac is really helping me CARRY the burden of every day expenses. Airbac’s got my back! Get your Airbac today. A little more about the backpacks below:

Feels Like You’re Carrying Half The Weight- Patented air support system allows the weight in the backpack to rest comfortably just above the waistline, to literally take the weight off your back and shoulders. You’ll feel the difference immediately! 

Promotes Better Posture and Spinal Alignment-Technology enables your body to relax in an upright position (as opposed to a hunched over position to compensate for the extra weight). That’s why back specialists nationwide endorse AIRBAC™.

Built-In Shock Absorbers- The weight of every step you take— running or walking—is absorbed by AIRBAC™ instead of your back, thanks to our patented air support system.

Easily adjusts to fit any body type- Whether you’re young or old, tall or short, slim or have more to love – the AIRBAC™ padded shoulder straps and patented air support system adjust to a customized fit.

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