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How to dress your figure: Full-figured

Janelle Vreeland

What full-figured girls should look for to show off their curves

When you’ve got curves, you definitely want to enhance them and show them off, not hide them. You may be full-figured but that doesn’t mean you should hide or be ashamed of your shape. If you’re in need of some help for dressing to flatter your curves, check out our helpful tips below.

How to dress your full figure tip 1: Define your waist

This is, quite possibly, the most important tip you need to take away from this list. If you don’t define a waist for yourself, your torso is going to just look like an undefined mass. Find the smallest part of your torso, whether it be your natural waist or higher under your chest, and then find clothes that will accentuate it. Look for blouses that dart in at the waist, tie around the waist or modify clothes by tailoring them to fit you. Using a belt to define your waist is also a handy trick that helps to alter any outfit. Just be sure that the belt isn’t too wide (to overwhelm your waist) or too narrow (to make your torso look larger than it is).

How to dress your full figure tip 2: Wear structured pieces

Flowing shapeless pieces can look good on some frames, but chances are they will do nothing to enhance your appearance or add to the hourglass figure you want to achieve. Instead, find pieces that have enough shape and structure on their own that they won’t depend on your body to give them one.

How to dress your full figure tip 3: Cut and color are your denim priorities

Darker, solid washes are more slimming that lighter washes. If you want to show off your hips but slenderize your thighs, stick with curvy cuts of jeans that stretch to flatter your curves. Also look for cute with a natural or higher rise. This will help you avoid the dreaded muffin top look. And stick with boot cuts and straight leg styles. Skinny jeans will only make you disproportionate.

How to dress your full figure tip 4: Don’t default to black

Everyone always says that black is a slimming color. Although this is true, it doesn’t mean that a shapeless garment is going to slim you just because of its color. The shape of the garment is going to do just as much to slim you as the color does. Be sure that the fit is flattering and slimming and then decide on color.  Also, be sure that the color is flattering on your skin tone. That is just as much of a factor in presenting yourself well as the style of the clothing.

How to dress your full figure tip 5: Show off your neck and face

If you want to draw attention away from your weight, a good way to do it is by showing off your other features. The best way to do this is by showcasing your decolletage — your neck, collar bones, chest and, if appropriate, some cleavage. By opening up this upper-half of your body, your open up your face and draw more attention to it. You also make your neck look longer, making your torso look smaller and more proportionate.

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