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Rundown Guide for January 5,2012

Fredric Hall

Soul Singer Barbara Lynn

January is prime with hidden gems to check out. Including stuff from Modern Action, Soularz, and a collection of Soul classics featuring Barbara Lynn

With the holidays behind, I know people are finding it hard to get into the groove of school and/or work.  God know I’ve been going through a bit of lag.  But I’m here and there are some new stuff for to check out.  Enjoy!

Modern Action – “Molotov Solution” [Dirty Faces (Broken Silence)]

It’s been a while since I heard some good ol’fashion punk rock. And I don’t mean that crusty, gravel voice, punk either. I’m talking about the ones whose voice is a brilliant cataclysm of fun and violence. Modern Action is undeniable proof that punk is still alive and isn’t going nowhere. “Molotov Solution” is their debut full length album by the band and it contains moslty two minute songs of destruction that punk fans need in their lives, like the title track and “Self Destruction”. 

Soularz – “TIME(To Insight Minds Everywhere)” [Finding the Sun Records]

Once in while there comes a group that reminds people of what Hip hop was, is, and will be. Soularz could be counted as one of those people. The group is attempting to make listeners think with their heads and they’re banging it with positive messages and tight beats. Check out the track “The Industry” and “It’s Our Time” to see what I’m talking about.

Viktor Vaughn – “Vaudeville Villain” [Sound Ink]

I’m sure most of you heard of DOOM by now. The metal faced rapper who spit rhymes through a garbled voice, yet we’re somehow captivated by his presence alone. Since he came to the scene in the late 90s, he’s been making himself pretty busy with instrumental projects, making cameos on other people’s records, and his alter egos, particularly Viktor Vaughn. Originally released in 2003, this re-release includes a second disc features instrumentals, acapellas, remixes and the track “Monday Night at Fluid”.

Various Artists – “Lost In Time: More Northern Soul Treasures” [Backbeats]

For those who want a little old school soul in your life, here’s a little something from the Backbeats catalog.  With tracks like Barbara Lynn’s “I Don’t Want a Playboy” and Saxie Russell’s “Psychedelic Soul Pt.1” the album will quench the palate of any RnB fan. There are twenty – nine tracks here, do they’ll be at least a song or two that will get the repeat button over and over again. Good find for Soul fans new and old.

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