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How to find a roommate off campus

Janelle Vreeland

The best way to search for a roommate while off campus

It can be difficult trying to find a roommate if you don’t have someone in mind from campus to live with. But, often, living on your own just isn’t financially possible. So, what steps should you take in order to find a roommate?  We’re here to help you out!

Post flyers. If the end of the semester is approaching, and you know you’re going to need a new roommate soon, post flyers in all the dorms with your contact information. Chances are, other students will be looking for alternate housing and will be willing to investigate your request to find a roommate. By doing this, you’ll be paired up with someone on-campus and you might feel more comfortable around them.

Network. If your campus has a social networking site, or a profile on a networking page, use that to your advantage and let all of your fellow students know that you are trying to find a roommate. Also, if your campus has its own site with message boards and forums then use them to your advantage! Get your name out there!

Search online. Sure, it can be scary and intimidating using the Internet for finding a roommate, but if you know where to look, it’s not that bad. If you’re unable to find a roommate from the student body, try a site like to find roommates and apartments in your area. Registration is free and, more than likely, you’ll feel more confident using it or one of its competitor sites than craigslist.

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