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Healthy Living and Academic Success

Rosilene Taylor

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Healthy Living and Academic Success It happens to be no secret that, as college students, the ideals that have been instilled within you throughout the years are quickly replaced with overeating, hard partying, stressing over school work and obsessing over your love life. Day in and day out, all of the intricacies become a blur of repetitious actions, none being distinct from the next. So, it is no surprise when, at Christmas break, your parents and old friends say that you look healthy. Let’s not play coy, we know that means there are a few new rolls that weren’t there when stepping onto the plane this past fall. Although many students will chalk up their unhealthy lifestyles to the freshmen jitters, these poor diets and unhealthy behaviors will typically end up following you around throughout college and on into your professional careers. As most young adults seem to believe that they are the special dispensation to these circumstances, there is no group of exceptions. Sure, you might not find your physical health suffering –As of yet- but the effects are most likely shining through in other areas. In a study done by the CDC, a strong emphasis has been placed on the connection between a healthy lifestyle and academic achievement. Scientists, and school professionals alike, have stated that the correlation between the two is too strong to go unnoticed; further stating that it would be grossly negligent to refrain from acting on such information. So What Can Be Done 1) Health Education: Not only is it a necessity for high school classes, it has become a recommendation for college campuses as well. Although the dynamics of the classes offered will be vastly different, studies have shown that students whom are participating in health courses, are less likely to make the types of choices that will have a negative effect on their academic performance. 2) Healthier Food Choices: When away to school, it is easy to get overwhelmed and overexcited, not only because of the newfound freedoms and responsibilities, but also because of the pressure of completing and succeeding with your course load. Overeating is a common symptom among individuals suffering from a stress condition. Implementing healthy food options may be the way to curve some of these issues. 3) Thinking Long-Term: Students should keep in mind that they are going to have to live with these choices for the rest of their lives. It may be more convenient and desirable to have all night study bingers, complete with the fixings of pizza and beers; but ten weeks down the line when the grades begin to trickle in a downward fashion, thing might been seen in a different light. Be sure to watch what you’re eating, along with ensuring that you have a healthy sleep-wake cycle developed. Putting in hard work, the right way, at this point in your life, is going to ensure that you are able to live a fuller life after graduation.

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