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Dog the Bounty Hunter gets eighty-sixed

America’s favorite bounty hunter cancelled

The reality show followed Dog the Bounty Hunter, Duane Chapman, Beth, his wife and Dog’s children Duane Lee and Lyssa, hunting down fugitives in Hawaii and Colorado.

TMZ broke the story stating that Dog the Bounty Hunter and A&E were having “creative differences” negotiating the ninth season.

Dog the Bounty Hunter captured America’s attention with his honesty and compassion for the fugitives he and his family chased. Each episode ended with Dog having a hear to heart talk with his most recent captured fugitive, telling the individual that things would be okay if they took more control of their life.

The series also focused on the Chapman’s family problems, dealing with tumults relationships and drug problems.

Dog the Bounty Hunter was previously put on hiatus back in 2007 when an audio tape featuring Dog repeatedly using the word “N-word” in an argument with his son Tucker over Tucker’s black girlfriend. Tucker then sold the tape to the National Enquirer.

Dog the Bounty Hunter was first aired back in 2004 after Chapman was featured on a show Take this Job.

Heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne also let his vocals to the shows opening credits. The remaining episodes of Dog the Bounty Hunter are slated to air sometime in June.

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