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Christopher Dorner is the subject of store evacuations and a $1M reward

Reka Forgach

Christopher Dorner served in the Navy and is an award winning marksman

The manhunt for the cop-killer continues with increasing rewards and increasing casualties

Christopher Dorner’s capture comes with a bounty of $1 million, making him the subject of the largest local reward ever offered according to Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck.  Beck continued to emphasize the depth of police dedication concerning activity surrounding the capture of Christopher Dorner, saying “This is an act of domestic terrorism.  This is a man who has targeted those that we entrust to protect the public.  His actions cannot go unanswered.”  This is the fourth day of the manhunt for Christopher Dorner, an ex-cop who is charged with a killing spree that has left three officers dead, and a promise of more to come.

Christopher Dorner has embarked on a tour of revenge in response to what he believes is an illegitimate dismissal from the Los Angeles police force.  His intentions and motives are outlined in detail in the killer’s 6,000 word “manifesto” and he has stated that his commitment to his mission will not stop until the truth is known about his case. 

Beck announced that Christopher Dorner’s case would be reopened, he explained “I feel we need to also publicly address Dorner’s allegations regarding his termination of employment, and to do so I have directed our Professionals Standards Bureau and my Special Assistant for Constitutional Policing to completely review the Dorner complaint of 2007; To include a re-examination of all evidence and a re-interview of witnesses.” 

Public reaction to Christopher Dorner’s killings displays fear of both the attacker and the LAPD in its attempt to capture him.  So far, three innocent bystanders have been killed during the manhunt.  Most recently, a Lowe’s homeware store in Northridge, California was evacuated under the surveillance of a police helicopter and several police units, after a call was made reporting a possible sighting of Dorner.  Though the evacuation was more of a precaution, it is possible that Christopher Dorner was definitely in the area, leaving inhabitants of the neighborhood on edge and indoors.  Meanwhile, hundreds of tips have poured in to the station after the announcement of the 7-figure reward, which the police department is working overtime to follow up on.  There was also an amped up police presence at the Grammy Awards Sunday in response to the Christopher Dorner threat.

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