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Chris Kyle, the deadliest sniper in military history, gunned to death

Alex Furlin

Chris Kyle, ironically put to a tragic end by the very weapon he became an expert at

Mentally ill veteran wound up killing the most lethal Navy SEAL ever

Chris Kyle, the most decorated Navy SEAL in American history, with a confirmed 160 kills out of an alleged 255 kills, was shot to death earlier this week by a mentally disturbed veteran Kyle was attempting to help. Post-trauamatic stress disorder is common amongst veterans, and this time it manifested in tragedy. Chris Kyle, 38 at the time of his death, had survived over 4 tours of duty in Iraq before calling it quits in order to spend time with his two sons, aged 8 and 6. 

The alleged perpetrator of Chris Kyle’s murder is veteran Eddie Ray Routh, whom Kyle took to a shooting range on February 2nd. Routh turned his weapon on Chris Kyle and companion Chad Littlefield before fleeing the range. Over 7,000 people turned out for the two-hour service commemorating Chris Kyle’s life and achievements in the military. The funeral procession will span over 200 miles, from a Dallas suburb to Austin, to be buried by his wife and sons.

It’s another chilling reminder at the dangerous proliferation of firearms in this country. At this fragile time in the ongoing gun control debate, the fact that the most lethal sniper of all time was taken down by a few bullets serves as a harsh reminder that nobody is truly safe. At this instance, in a shooting range, the good guy with the gun didn’t stop the bad guy with the gun. 

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