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Cheapest student health insurance

Janelle Vreeland

What are your options for cheap student health insurance?

Many students struggle financially during their four years of college life and beyond. From rent to groceries to having a social life, it is hard to keep up with the endless payments undergraduates are required to pay for. The last subject on a student’s mind is what they plan on doing for health insurance.

However, having student health insurance is quite an important decision to make, especially when you have pre-existing conditions that need to be covered. Some individuals may be wondering how they can afford student health insurance when they can barely pay for a full tank of gas in their car. While student health insurance is most likely provided within your college’s university, there are other options available so it’s important to make sure you receive the best coverage. Below is a chart that shows the cheapest student health insurance you can receive during your college years.

Cheapest Student Health Insurance




Parents’ insurance plan

More generous coverage

Won’t exclude pre-existing conditions

May not be accessible if far,

Could lead to higher deductible/co-insurance

College’s insurance plan

Low-cost coverage

May not cover major medical problems

Could leave you in debt if you fall into serious illness

May not cover pre-existing conditions

Individual insurance plan

Premiums are affordable

Short-term coverage for low cost

Deductible/co-insurance higher

May not be able to sign up if you have chronic health problems

If you decide to take the individual insurance plan route, make sure to obtain quotes from each independent provider. You can find more information about individual health insurance plans at You can also visit United Healthcare ( to find your college’s insurance plan.

Having student health insurance is important, but having the cheapest student health insurance is even better. As Benefits Services Supervisor Carole Balli from Nothern Illinois University states, “It is a good idea to shop around [for student health insurance], but check to see what you are getting for your money! Check the benefits and the out of pocket costs. You should choose a plan that’s in your budget and gives you the best benefits.”

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