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Spice up your relationship

Rekindling the passion in your love life

So, things are not what they used to be between you and your partner! Don’t worry this is a completely normal phase of a relationship. In reality love is not the fairy tale depicted in films and television shows. In actuality there are obstacles and several dry patches, however, a little bump in the road should not be a sign it’s time to move on, but instead it’s a sign to move forward.

The thrill of meeting someone new will always be exciting. Most people make the mistake of believing this feeling will be consistent throughout the course of the relationship. Just because the excitement begins to fade does not mean something is going wrong between the two of you or something is missing. You may simply need to spice things up and rekindle the flame you and your partner share.

According to psychologist and author, Doctor Phil, at this point in the relationship, after a few months or years, we begin to adapt habits. These habits inevitably make us take our lovers for granted and the same routine becomes boring. At this phase your love is taking a more mature shape and you are now prepared to take it to a richer experience. If you have found someone you want to spend the rest of your life with or maintain a relationship with there are a few ways to get your love life back on track.

Of course to keep things new and exciting do new and exciting activities. Switch up the routine a little bit by enjoying something neither one of you have done together before. Maybe if you have become accustomed to staying in the house renting movies, try going to the theater or to a drive in movie. Maybe choose and visit a place you have seen in one of the movies you’ve watched. Try to think of activities that you could introduce to each other and have a great time.

In addition to trying new things, another essential factor is affection. Psychologist, Jessica Langfellner, suggest that you reminisce on the elements that brought the two of you together and determine what you value most of your partner. Over the course of a serious relationship we tend to forget the steps we took to earn their love. A little appreciation and affection goes a long way. Tell your lover how you feel about them, how you felt when you first met them, and how much you care about them.

Another way to spice things up with your mate is by enhancing the romance and intimacy. Sex is something that both of you may enjoy but has also become routine. Have a personal discussion about positions or activities you would like to try with the one you love. Surprise your partner with some new lingerie or outfit; explore the depths of your partners’ kinky side. Ehow.com provides a number of romantic games that are sure to please the both of you.

Remember communication is essential in any relationship, regardless whether it’s psychological or physical. At this phase in your love life your relationship has matured to a point where you must renew the excitement. By expressing your appreciation for each other and communicating how you feel about one another, you increase the psychological aspects of your relationship. Dedicate time to try new things and create new experiences. Switch up the routine in your romance as well by discovering new ways to please each other. Learn to have fun with your partner the way you did when you first met, that is the key to moving forward in your love.

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