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Benefits of the new Samsung Galaxy S III

Elif Geris

Samsung Galaxy S III and privacy

Samsung Galaxy S III and privacy

Samsung Galaxy S III will allow workers to do their jobs on their cell phones, safely. Samsung is launching its Samsung Approved for Enterprise program after finally meeting victory over Nokia.

“The highly desirable, SAFE-branded and QA-tested Galaxy S III smartphone systematically defragments Android to provide a consistent level of IT compliance for individuals who demand the very best in both their personal and professional lives,” said Tim Wager, vice president and general manager of enterprise sales at Samsung Mobile.

The new Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S III will maintain safety in IT workers’ privacy through the Mobile Device Management (MDM). Productivity is optimized through the Samsung Galaxy S III’s Virtual Private Network.

MDM will control what apps can be used in the Samsung Galaxy S III SAFE smartphones. That way, enterprises still have control over what employees want protected. Those MDM companies contributing to the protection of workers’ Android-powered phones are Afaria, MobileIron, AirWatch and SOTI.

Samsung will release the new Samsung Galaxy S III in late June or July, with its providers, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and US Cellular. It is predicted at $199.99 for a two-year-contract, according to IT World.

While Android has not been excelling in its product sales, Wager said, “Android has the ability to blow that [manageability] door right open, with Samsung dragging Android through the enterprise.”

Wager said, “IT compliance of a smartphone doesn’t drive buying behavior; the device drives the behavior.”

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