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Bristol Palin brings drama on new reality TV show

Show chronicles her life as volunteer, mother

Bristol Palin is back with a new batch of drama.

Bristol Palin, the daughter of infamous former vice president candidate Sarah Palin, now has her own reality television show, Life’s a Tripp. The show is named after her three-year-old son with Levi Johnston, who is no longer involved in Bristol Palin’s life.

Even in the first episode, Bristol Palin did not disappoint fans looking for conflict. In the episode, she is seen in a heated debate at a Los Angeles bar in which she defends her mom against a man’s verbal attacks.

After Bristol Palin rode a mechanical bull, a man started making vulgar remarks.

“Did you ride Levi like that?” the man said. “Your mother’s a whore.” He then continued on by saying Bristol Palin’s mother was “the devil.”

More profanities are thrown about between the two until Bristol Palin exits and calls her friend in Alaska, telling him she wants to go home.

Bristol Palin’s sister, Willow, who was helping Bristol at the time, decided to fly home at the end of the episode.

The show, featured on Lifetime, also shows Bristol Palin as a summer volunteer in Los Angeles while she also cares for 3-year-old Tripp.

Life’s a Tripp is not Bristol Palin’s first run-in with camera crews. She was formerly featured on the TLC program Sarah Palin’s Alaska, as well as reality TV show Dancing with the Stars, on which she finished in third place.

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