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Brace Yourself: iPhone 6 rumors are coming

Jess Smith

The iPhone 5S was released earlier with some updates that will most likely be in iPhone 6

Apple’s iPhone 6 is thought to include a bigger screen and a curved display

The iPhone 6 has been on the tip of everyone’s tongue lately with all kinds of speculations on what the new smartphone will entail. With the iPhone 5S literally just being released a few months ago and the iPad Air about to be released, you would think Apple users would be occupied with their new gadgets, but that isn’t stopping anyone from salivating over the thought of the iPhone 6.

With release of the iPhone 6 being months out of reach, it seems kind of early for the rumor mill to be brewing, but the need for a ground-breaking release from Apple is necessary since most Apple users are jaded by the miniscule updates that Apple has been releasing for the past few years. What Apple really needs is some seriously innovative technology to really keep the spark going that drew Apple enthusiasts to the company in the first place.

An iPhone Air concept design video has been floating around the blogosphere and people are becoming convinced that this is what the iPhone 6 will resemble. The concept design depicts the sixth generation device having a bigger screen, which is probably going to be true, considering the rival Samsung Galaxy has a 5 inch screen.

The concept design says that the iPhone 6 will be coming in at a solid 4.6 inch screen. The brand new display will be achieved by implementing a new curved design that would allow for a bigger screen and also a completely revamped look from the previous models.

Judging by the name iPhone Air, the newest model is also supposedly going to be thinner and lighter. Taking the same design makeovers that they are doing with the iPad Air, which promises a more convenient iPad for the consumer. The iPhone 6 is also thought to have a more updated camera, reaching 12 or 13 megapixels. We can fully expect the iPhone 6 to use the iOS7 operating system, considering this just came out a couple months ago. This may come as a hinderance to Apple users, since the new system has been getting less than stellar reviews lately.

The iPhone 6 will most likely have a lot of the iPhone 5S characteristics, in lieu of the iPhone 5S being released recently. This will most likely include the brand new Touch ID, which allows users more security with fingerprint technology instead of the standard pass code.

If these rumors are true, which they most likely are, then Apple users really don’t have anything too much exciting to look for with the iPhone 6. Hopefully they throw us a curve ball, but judging by previous releases this year, this is probably as good as it’s going to get.

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