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Benghazi suspect held in Tunisia

Kelly Bradley

A view of Benghazi, Libya.

A man is suspected of participating in the Benghazi attacks

When a Tunisian national posted an update on a social media platform about the fighting regarding the September 11 assault on the U.S. consulate, he provided a clue to the intelligence community. This post was from Ali Ani al-Harzi and he is now suspected of participating in the attacks in Libya.

Al-Harzi is a member of violent extremist networks in North Africa and has been connected to jihadist organizations in the Middle East.

He fled Libya for Turkey and has since been located and tracked down by U.S. intelligence. According to Turkish officials, al-Harzi was held for less than a week by the U.S. government and was then sent to Tunisia. There, he was held in military custody and transferred to a jail in preparation for a court trial.

It’s unclear what al-Harzi’s role was in the attacks, therefore, it is not yet known what he may be charged with.

With the upcoming election, Republicans are attempting to place the blame on Democrats for trying to cover up a terrorist attack and mislead the public. However, the Democrats are firing back by saying the Republicans have attempted to politicize a national tragedy.

According to a U.S. intelligence official, “there was nothing that would have given us some indication that an attack was being planned or imminent.”

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