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Professor plotted attack against University High

Sara Hall

A professor plotted attack was prevented when emails he made describing the attack were uncovered.

Rainer Reinscheld was upset his son had committed suicide

A professor plotted an attack against University High after his son killed himself. The professor plotted attack was enacted by Rainer Reinscheld, who, to deal with the pain of his son’s suicide, downed sleeping medication, downed two bottles of wine and wrote an alarming email titled “a good plan” in which he described how he wanted to get revenge on the people he blamed for his son’s suicide.

Reinscheid’s son hanged himself hours after he was disciplined by the assistant principal at his high school in Irvine. This caused his father to enter a weeklong downward spiral that caused the professor plotted attack, as well as setting small fires and venting about his anger to school officials.

In the professor plotted attack, he wrote about fantasizing about buying a dozen guns to kill 200 University High students, as well as sexually assaulting the guidance counselor and killing the assistant principal.

“I will make him cry and beg, but I will not give him a chance, just like he did to Claas,” Reinscheid wrote in the professor plotted attack.  “I will make him die, slowly, surely. Next I will set fire to (the school) and try to burn down as much as I can, there should be nothing left that gives them a reason to continue their miserable school.”

Claas was Reinscheld’s son.

Prosecutors are saying the professor plotted attack emails were sent to Reinscheld and his wife and were obtained by the Associated Press on Wednesday from court filings. Although the professor plotted attack appeared deadly, Reinscheld never acted on his violent wishes, authorities saying he showed no evidence of preparing to do so.

Reinscheld obtained his PhD from the Center for Molecular Neurobiology at Hamburg, Germany, in 1993.

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