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Toyota recall affects two car models, including Lexus

Company is currently working on solution

A Toyota recall was announced on Wednesday as part of a voluntary safety recall involving 778,000 vehicles that were sold in the US starting in 2006 spanning all the way to early 2011. The models involved in the Toyota recall include the early 2011 model RAV4 SUV and the 2010 Lexus HS 250h model. These cars were recalled due to suspension problems.

According to a press release discussing the Toyota recall on their official media website yesterday, this recall includes all 760,000 Toyota RAV4 and approximately 18,000 Lexus HS 250h. The release said no other Toyota or Lexus vehicles are involved in the Toyota recall.
To tell if a car is affected by the Toyota recall, one should check to see if the nuts on the rear suspension arms of these vehicles are not properly tightened according to torque specification during a wheel alignment service. If this is so, there will be an excessive play at the threaded portion of the arm, and rust formation will soon follow.

This could cause the threaded portion of the rear suspension arm to wear down and separate, thus possibly causing accidents. Toyota USA spokesman Brian Lyons told CNN that prior to the Toyota recall, “nine crashes and three minor injuries alleged to be related to this condition.”

Lyons also said that in addition to these cars in America, around 99,000 RAV4’s and 1,000 Lexus HS 250’s are being recalled in Canada as part of the Toyota recall.

Toyota said they are now working to develop a solution and will send notification letters to affected owners once they can fix the problem. No estimated date has been announced yet.

For more information about this Toyota recall, customers are being advised to call Toyota Customer Experience Center at 1-800-331-4331 or to visit www.toyota.com/recall. 

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