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Ann Romney horse dazzles during Olympics competition

Sara Hall

Ann Romney horse dazzles during Olympic competition .

Her horse came in 13th place in “dressage” category

Ann Romney’s horse is competing in this year’s Olympics, and so far, it has not disappointed during the competition. Ann Romney said Thursday that her horse, Rafalca, “thrilled her to death” with its above-average performance in its Olympic debut in the sport category of dressage.

The Ann Romney horse competed in this ancient equestrian sport that is now largely participated in by the wealthy and was brought into the spotlight thanks to Ann Romney’s co-ownership of the horse. The Ann Romney horse, a 15-year-old, German-bred mare has become the brunt of political jokes, as well as ads from Democrats that question how Mitt Romney and his family could run the country when they are participating in such an exclusive sport.

Still, Mitt Romney said he was not phased by the criticism, calling the performance of the Ann Romney horse great. He added that his wife is probably in tears from being so overjoyed.

Ann Romney watched from the VIP section of the equestrian stadium at Greenwich Park for her horse’s competition. The Ann Romney horse was called consistent and elegant from judges and observers and came in with a score of 70.243 percent to come in at 13th place out of the 30 competitors.

The highest scoring riders will move onto the freestyle competition on August 9 for individual medals. The Ann Romney horse will also compete in this event.

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