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Reka Forgach

Chris Kyle: legendary sniper, lifelong caretaker

Chris Kyle former Navy Seal and national hero is gunned down this Sunday

Chris Kyle was a legendary former Navy Seal whose autobiography, American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History speaks equally for his record and also for his dedication to the lives of his comrades in the field, many of whom may have fallen had he not played a pivotal role in his four tours in Iraq.  The hero’s commitment to caretaking did not end with his tours.  Chris Kyle founded the FITCO Cares Foundation in 2009 after his return to civilian life, to provide war veterans suffering from emotional and physical trauma with counseling and physical therapy equipment.  His lifelong dedication to his comrades never ceased, and it was during a session with a fellow veteran that Kyle was allegedly murdered by Eddie Ray Routh.

Chris Kyle and Routh, a 25-year-old retired Marine, were at a shooting range near Fort Worth this Sunday, when the latter turned on Kyle and a second man, Chad Littlefield, shooting them and fleeing the scene in Kyle’s pickup truck.  Routh went on to his sister’s house, who called the police on him after he admitted murdering Chris Kyle and Littlefield.  Routh tried to run, but was eventually captured near his home in Lancaster and charged with two counts of capital murder.

The motive for the crime is still unclear, as is Routh’s mental state.  Some believe the veteran marine suffers from PTSD and reacted negatively to the “shooting therapy” introduced by Chris Kyle.  Travis Cox, the director of FITCO Cares said in a statement that, “Chris was literally the type of guy if you were a veteran and needed help he’d help you, and from my understanding that’s what happened here. I don’t know how he came in contact with this gentleman, but I do know that it was not through the foundation.”  Tragedy struck as one man extended a helping hand to a fellow comrade in arms.

Chris Kyle’s murder comes after a string of gun-related incidents that will further fuel the debate on upcoming gun reform.  FITCO Cares will continue to carry on in the goodwork of Chris Kyle and under the leadership of Travis Cox, providing veterans

Jacoby Jones is slayin records, takin names

The New Orleans native proved his salt, swag and hospitality this Sunday

Jacoby Jones exhibited an eye-popping feat of athletic prowess and physical finesse at the 37th Super Bowl, setting a new standard with a record breaking 108 yard kickoff return against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday night, and following up with celebration swagger, Kid President style.  The 28-year-old New Orleans native sped down the field to stretch the Baltimore Ravens lead to 28-6, and score his second personal touchdown during the game.

After the game, Jacoby Jones spoke on the straight shot afforded him by the Raven’s legendary defense, saying “Daylight, follow any avenue and it was daylight.”  Jacoby Jones also contributed to a second record break, as the Ravens became the first team with two Super Bowl kickoff returns for touchdowns. 

He celebrated with personal swagger, while elated fans celebrated by giving out free swagger.  Gardners furniture, a Baltimore business, made good on their promise that any purchases made during certain times of the Super Bowl would be free if the Ravens scored a touchdown on a kickoff return.  Jacoby Jones may seem like an accidental Santa Claus to any of the families that received a slice of the $600,000 merch the store gave away for free.

Jacoby Jones was cut from the Houston Texans last May, in a “no-brainer” decision by G.M. Rick Smith that the team has probably come to regret, what with the energy and performance the wide receiver delivered on game day.  Meanwhile, Baltimore coach John Harbaugh is appreciative of Jacoby Jones, stating “Jacoby has been a blessing to this team and we are just so grateful to have him.” 

Good juju also emanated from the star’s family, especially Mrs. Jones, who prepared home cooked stuffed bell peppers for the boys in the super Bowl run-up week.  More food allusions by Jacoby Jones himself, regarding playing in his home town, “It’s always the goal to win the Super Bowl and by me being able to come home and play, that was like icing on the cake. You can drop the cherry on it, the strawberry, and the sprinkles.”

Fast and Furious 6 trailer premiere during SuperBowl

Find out the latest movies to hit theatres soon

Fast and Furious 6 is officially “soon-to-be” in movie theatres, as an unexpected trailer for the latest installment of the Fast and Furious franchise premiered yesterday during the SuperBowl.  As common logic dictates, an ad spot during the SuperBowl is a pretty penny—30 seconds costs clients an average $4 million, so it’s safe to assume Fast and the Furious 6 may actually be worth all the hype its getting.  On the other hand, it’s a rare sixth sequel that has really soared in the public eye, common exception obviously being Star Wars.

With its star studded cast and remarkably successful predecessor, Fast Five, Fast and Furious 6 may not be one for the ages, but it could definitely be a must-see action movie of the moment.  Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson — aka “The Rock”—are accompanied by Ludacris, Michelle Rodriguez and company to make up the latest rubber-burning cast.  Fast and Furious 6 builds off the Fast Five plot; this time around the crew is tracking down a team of mercenary drivers whose capture will earn everyone official pardons to get home.  As if a plot was really necessary.  If the trailer is to be believed, director Justin Lin does not leave adrenaline junkies wanting in Fast and Furious 6, taking special effects, explosions and stunts to the next level, not unlike Beyonce’s SuperBowl halftime show.

Set to race in May 24th, Fast and Furious 6 enjoys the same release date as Hangover III, securing a weekend of warm familiar faces and extended plot lines.  Other movie trailers released yesterday included Star Trek into Darkness and World War Z (Iron Man 3) making us wonder if 2013 is doomed to a year of sequels, prequels and new installments.

Keri Russell is gracing TV with her pleasant fragility again

Or is she?

Keri Russell, our once beloved Felicity star, is back on TV again in the new spy drama The Americans.  Out with the fragile angel that is Felicity Porter, doe eyed and bushy tailed running around New York City in search of meaning. In with the cold KGB spy who has been masquerading as an American suburban family with fellow KGB spy and arranged husband Matthew Rhys.  Keri Russell is really continuing in her daring deviation from her college drama days, coming off a movie stint that includes Waitress, Mission: Impossible III and Sundance participant Austenland.

Similar to the double role the characters of Keri Russell and her husband had to endure daily as sleeper agents, the acting challenge for both actos in Americans was also no small feat.  The plot takes us back and forth between ‘80s suburban America and ‘60’s Soviet Moscow, not to mention the double layer of truths that is their own marital relationship.  Keri Russell brings her acting expertise to portray a cold, detached spy unswervingly dedicated to her mission. 

Americans is being touted as a period piece by FX, making most young to middle-agers grind their teeth in indignation.  Keri Russell herself talked about the interesting categorization of her latest show.  “I can’t believe the ’80s are already period. The biggest thing is no cellphones, which is sort of great because everything is so gadgety these days. When we go to intercept a message we have to drive by our drop spot — like, we’re looking under rocks for messages.”  Calm down Generation X.

The new show will premiere on January 30th. Za zdorovye!

Alex Rodriguez dealing with PED scandal is unoriginal

Alex Rodriguez, all-star baseball player on his way to the top, is pretty much on hiw way to the very bottom due to a suicidal cocktail of bad decisions that finds the Yankees looking for a fast way to void his contract.  Alex Rodriquez’s latest scandal once again deals in red letter allegations that he purchased performance-enhancing drugs from a Miami based anti-aging clinic.  The baseball player, while great, has most handily beat the record for highest paid athlete; the third baseman earns a yearly $30,000,000, that is $6 million higher than the second-highest paid player.

To be honest, the Yankees probably can’t get out of their contract, but Alex Rodriguez should wake up and smell the coffee—his shenanigans are being taken very seriously.  Alex Rodriguez’s and his publisher have both denied the most recent allegations, but noone is fooled.  Apparently, Rodriquez’s name was found in the client list of an anti-aging clinic, where he is alleged to have been seen and advised by a Dr. Bosch.  A-roid issued a statement through his publicist, saying “The news report about a purported relationship between Alex Rodriguez and Anthony Bosch are not true.  He was not Mr. Bosch’s patient, he was never treated by him and he was never advised by him.  The purported documents referenced in the story – at least as they relate to Alex Rodriguez – are not legitimate.” Rodriguez denies using any steroids after 2003, the end of a three year stint of PED usage by the player.

The other problem Alex Rodriguez faces in regards to his own popularity, is how little people like him, and how little Yankees fans like anyone except an outright star.  He is no Derek Jeter, he is overpaid, he flaunts models and exotic dancers on his arm, and hits on women from the dugout.  He costs a pretty penny for such a rowdy child.  None of these factors will help the player as he starts cracking the very thin ice he finds himself on.  Alex Rodriguez is no stranger to bench warming before, having spent a half season off field due to injury and costing him over $6 million, and this latest development may see him on the sidelines for the whole season.  And can we talk about unoriginality? PEDs is such old news this month after Lance and Ray Lewis have already hit the headlines.

Ravens fans get supersticious and team gets defensive

Ray Lewis is defending his honor and all the good vibes in the world can’t temper his agitation

Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis is dealing with rumors that he tried to illegally speed his recovery from a torn triceps, Baltimore Ravens fans showcase the myriad types of superstitions that they practice on game day, and the Ravens defense plays overtime.

Lewis, a vital component of the winning Ravens team, has said he feels “agitated” that his name has been used in connection with performance enhancing drugs.  The ravens star vehemently denounced allegations by Mitch Ross, co-owner of Sports With Alternative to Steroids that he had ties to deer-antler velvet spray.

In other news, the rest of the Ravens defense is coming off a season of delivering punishment and bad news to any challengers.  This season the Ravens defense has been on the field for 1,342 plays, the most that any defense has played since 2001.  In the postseason alone the Ravens meted out an average of 85.4 snaps.  The line’s impessive record bodes well for the team, as the only other defensive line to play over 1,300 snaps on the field are last year’s champions, the New York Giants.

And in weirder news, Ravens fans Baltimore-wide indulge in tried and true sports traditions that are “only crazy if they don’t work.”  These Silver Linings Playbook-esque practices are nothing new to the world of sports aficionados, but it’s always a fun eye roll to read about some talismans.  One family has to keep their soft purple football in the exact off-center of the room for every game.  Another pulls out a handful of cards before every game, shouts out the player’s name, rips the card in half and sets it in the coals.  I read somewhere that cavemen also used to throw spears at drawings to prepare for a successful hunt.  Same seat positions, same floors of the house, same clothes—all incredibly vital juju for any winning season.  Since the Ravens haven’t gotten to this point since the 2001though, there can never be enough positive vibrations.

Chris Cuomo is one of many new tricks Jeff Zucker has up his sleeve

Chris Cuomo is the latest addition to the new face of CNN

Chris Cuomo, former ABC “Good Morning America” anchor accepted a job in a developing morning show on CNN. Jeff Zucker, the new president of CNN worldwide has taken it upon himself to revamp the ratings-challenged cable network, and only eight days into the job he is well on his way.

Zucker praised Chris Cuomo in a statement to the press, saying “Chris Cuomo is an accomplished anchor who is already an established name in morning television, as well as a widely respected investigative journalist.”  Chris Cuomo also seems to be taking a spot currently held by Soledad O’Brien, who hosts CNN’s morning show “Starting Point.” 

Zucker and Chris Cuomo are filling a quickly emptying house, as current CNN faces James Carville, Mary Matalin, Erick Erickson and managing editor Mark Whitaker depart from long held posts.  While Chris Cuomo is Zucker’s first hire, the network isn’t finished hiring to make up for the newly empty spaces.  Zucker is still digging in to his plans to refurbish the CNN network which dropped 13% from 2011 during the presidential election, Hurricane Sandy and the Newton school shootings, while MSNBC and Fox News ratings rose.

Regarding the hire, Chris Cuomo himself released a statement, exclaiming “This is a fantastic opportunity to do what I value the most and hopefully to do the work that I do best.”  His former job at 20/20 alongside Elizabeth Vargas is currently empty, and David Muir has reportedly been tapped as a potential replacement.

Ashley Judd splits from husband of 11 years Dario Franchitti #familyforever

Ashely Judd and Dario Franchitti split amiably and look to the future

Ashley Judd actress, potential Kentucky congresswoman, and now, soon-to-be divorce. Her ex-husband, Dario Franchetti is a three time Indianapolis 500 winner from Scotland, and 5 years younger than Judd.  Ashley Judd reports she has nothing but love for Franchetti and the two seem to have split amiably.  The couple released a statement saying “We have mutually decided to end our marriage. We’ll always be family and continue to cherish our relationship based on the special love, integrity, and respect we have always enjoyed.”  Further details have yet to be released or TMZ sussed out.

In the subsequent obligatory celebrity Twitter explanation blurb, Ashley Judd’s own account tweeted, “Family forever. @dariofranchitti” and a quick reply from Franchitti revealed “@ashleyjudd family forever.” Aww.

The couple was married 11 years ago in a castle in Scotalnd, Franchitti’s homeland.  Franchitti’s brother, race car driver Marino Franchitti, was the best man; and Ashley Judd’s half-sister, country singer Wynonna Judd, was maid of honor.

Ashley Judd’s recent screen-side appearances include the TV series Missing, and 90s hits Heat, A Time to Kill and Kiss the Girls.  These days, it seems she is focused on the Ashely Judd political campaign, at a D.C. ball last week she said

“I am incredibly honored and frankly overwhelmed by the outpouring of support — that the people of Kentucky are interested in having me represent them is the greatest honor of my life so far, and I am certainly taking a close look at it.  The people of Kentucky need a fighter and certainly going back 10 generations, I’ve got some fighters from those hills in my family and as soon as I know anything — after I’ve told the family members to whom I’ve made my promises that they’ll be the first to know — you will be up to date in real time.”

Kid President is out to make you less boring

Kid President declares this month “Yesvember!”

Kid President is an adorable 9 year old throwin out your typical adorable little kid cliché advice that resonates somewhere and even solicits a giggle despite the warm “feel good” glow filter edited over the whole piece.  Kid Presidents is actually Robby Novak of Henderson, Tenn., sallied up in a three piece suit, jiggin down a football field and handing out pick-me-up’s to those who have fallen to boredom.  Life is hard, Kid President admits, but “we can cry about it, or we can dance about it.” 

The Kid President alter ego was facilitated by Novak’s grown-up brother-in-law, Bradley Montague.  Montague started putting together some of Novak’s goofy one-liners and tweting #iamkidpresident.  The Kid President’s videos went viral when SoulPancake picked up on Novak’s shenanigans, and the duo release a daily message from the Oval Office on YouTube.

“Two roads diverged in the woods, and I took the road less traveled,” Kid President recites, then goes with his own take, “AND IT HURT, MAN! Really bad! Rocks! Thorns! And glass! … NOT COOL, ROBERT FROST!

Listen to the tiny President, who’s acting chops are pretty significant for a kid who hasn’t hit the double digits yet.  His pithy pieces may seem wise beyond their years, or they might be that sort of wisdom that innocent, good natured kids seem to naturally possess. 

“The world needs you to stop being boring, yeah, you, boring is easy, everybody can be boring. Your gooder than that,” says Kid President, touching on an easy truth we can always be reminded me of.  Go’on now let’s see that side shuffle n Harlem shake in honor of the kid.

Jason London loses his crap and gets arrested

Dazed and Confused actor Jason London defecates and defames himself

Jason London, best known as Mr. Randall “Pink” Floyd from Dazed and Confused got arrested and may have defecated himself in a cop car on Tuesday, according to a police report. The actor was in Scottsdale, AZ at a bar when a fight broke out, leaving him with a pretty accurate bar fight looking mugshot and a brief return from happy anonymity.

In response to both allegations, Jason London himself tweeted, “I would never say or do the crap they are reporting.  Have faith in me. The truth will come out and you will see.” I applaud your word choice Jason London.  Also, is Twitter really the choice method of every celebrity to explain away public brawls?

According to the report, the actor was hammered on Tuesday, and punched someone who got upset after he sneezed on them.  Fists hit harder than snot, any day.  Jason London then proceeded to assault a bouncer, belligerently rage at police and paramedics, drop a homophobic slur, and instruct officers to “look me up” because “I’m rich” and a “famous actor.”  The kicker came when police officers reported that they saw the actor “lean to the left and defecate in his pants.”  The whole incident smacks a bit distasteful and very desperate.  Jason London, famous for acting in the classic coming-of-age type drama that we once loved so has kept in line with the typical has-been script and earning minutes of TMZ fame.

Neither London twins seem to have much luck with publicity these days.  Jason’s twin, Jeremy is a recovering narcotic who let loose a story about getting kidnapped and being forced to do drugs that anyone could see through in a dark room wit