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Shaun White continues to reign over X Games

A deadly combination of height and inversions won Shaun White his 6th gold medal on the x-games SuperPipe

Shaun White tweeted yesterday, “Haven’t been on the bubble in a while.  Makes me feel young again.”  The 26-year-old snowboard legend was the oldest competitor to rock the SuperPipe at this year’s games.  This did not stop him from dominating on Sunday, raking in his 6th straight gold, setting a record and making history.  White is a cult figure among winter sports aficionados and ginger lovers alike, with his trademark moves and flaming locks that have been making chill history for six years now. Chyea.

White wowed crowds with his signature cab double cork 1080 and backside double McTwist 1260 that the living legend authored himself. His 14-year-old silver medaling competitor didn’t even come close, although Japanese eighth grader Ayumu Hirano garnered attention, applause, and a solid 92.33 for his own performance.  Missing from the competition was White’s historic challenger, Iouri Podladtchikov, who withdrew from the competition on account of the flu.

Probably out of boredom from sheer winning all the time, White succeeded in breaking his own record from last year’s SuperPipe. The flying snowboarder averaged 16 feet of air, with a record-setting 24-foot backside air that broke his own mark by a foot.  All hail the king was the mood of the crowd and the gold-medalist himself, as he accepted his much deserved and expected medal with sheer athletic prowess.

Despite his mastery over the snowpipe, White still has work to do before next year’s Winter Olympics in Socci, Russia.  His Slopestyle performance earned him 5th place this week, and Sunday marked his first gold medal all weekend.  In other news, the trendsetting athlete caused a stir for his unique clothing and missing locks.  The former was explained by White’s own line that incorporates vintage city wear characteristics, like skinny leg pants and studded coats.  Meanwhile, the legendary locks have been donated to Locks of Love, an organization that makes quality wigs for victims of chemotherapy that lose their hair. Here’s an extra cheers to one of the humblest and most good natured athletes out there.

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