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Where’s My Refund? Sheds some light on that whole tax filing thing

Reka Forgach

Tim Turbotax is here to help you through the process

Where’s My Refund is a handy-dandy tool to make you think on e-filing

Where’s My Refund is the IRS’ response to some delays and inconveniences tax filing members of society may face this year.  The slight delay in tax law changes in 2012 (that fiscal cliff shindig is fading out of my memory as well) led to a subsequent delay in tax filing season, which of course boggles the expediency of tax returns that many taxpayers are counting on.  That’s all in the past now though, and IRS is encouraging people to start filing in January—TurboTax has been open since January 3rd.  In the face of this SNAFU and because even bureaucracy is capable of some helpful development, Where’s My Refund is the best tool to tap into in order to catch up with the late season.

Where’s My Refund sends you personalized refund information within 24 hours after IRS receives your taxes if you e-file, and the program got a facelift this year.  That’s right guys, IRS is telling you to e-file.  In the name of perspective, think of the time difference.  Where’s My Refund has a 24-hour turn around rate, while paper filing has a four week turn around rate. Save the trees, avoid papercuts, make a Vogon happy, find out your tax returns weeks in advance!

Where’s My Refund even works in three stages, tracking your refund’s progress through the whole mysterious process.  It notifies you when the your returns were received, when refunds were approved and finally when your refunds were sent.  Where’s My Refund give you a refund date, so that you can know when to expect your returns after they are approved!  It’s only regarding revised tax credits and business credits and 2011 rules, Where’s My Refund hits a speed bump—check out the site to learn the nitty-gritty on any complex questions you may run into.

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