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Casey Anthony files for bankruptcy

Reka Forgach

Casey Anthony's debts prevent her from moving on

Casey Anthony makes moves towards a clean slate and fresh financial start

Casey Anthony is broke—no money, and no verdict in many of the cases she is involved in.  Two years ago Anthony was acquitted of murdering her baby, Caylee Anthony, who was reported missing and then found dead.  Anthony is now involved in a case of defamation, both against Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, a woman who shares the name of the fictional babysitter Casey fabricated and accused of murdering her child, and also Roy Kronk, the man who found her buried baby and was also accused of the murder.

Two years after Casey Anthony was acquitted for the murder of her baby, she continues to appeal conviction on four counts of lying to authorities during the investigation.  Recently, two of those charges were also dismiessed.  Anthony cites almost $800,000 in liabilities, unemployment, and about $1,000 in assets, some of which include cheap jewelry. 

Filing for bankruptcy provides a clean slate and a fresh start for Anthony, as she will be discharged of existing debts—save student loans and taxes—and is the only probable recourse for the struggling 26-year-old.

While Anthony is undoubtedly struggling both emotionally and financially after the tumultuous past two years, plaintiffs believe her calims are a stall technique, a move to postpone ongoing trials with Gonzalez and Kronk.  Anthony maintains that she has acted out of pure necessity—in order to gain closure at the end of such a harrowing year, the young woman seeks a release from the thousands of dollars of debt hanging over her head, that she has no current strategy or plans to repay.

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