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Real Housewives of Atlanta still play dress up

Kenya steps up the war against Phaedra, or attempts to at least

Real Housewives of Atlanta is one of the long standing installments of the Real Housewives series, an insider’s view on the lives of well-to-do, feisty and bickering stay-at-home moms and wives.  Real Housewives of Atlanta is also one of the sassiest, weirdest gangs of spoiled ladies to portray this tooth-grinding concept, with bored, loud Georgia Peaches using street tactics or eccentric performances to backstab and amuse themselves. 

The latest in a long line of strange moments in RHA was the decision by one of the crazier – no small feat – women, Kenya Moore, to dress up like her once-bestfriend-now-nemesis co-star Phaedra Parks on vacation.  To a charity event.  The classy act came with an equally classy outfit—a mesh bathing suit, floppy white hat, and of course a, “Donkey Booty.” 

Interlude: Donkey Booty stems from another eyebrow raising incident, whereupon Phaedra and Kenya wage workout video war against each other.  At first the duo were an unstoppable team, one producing the other marketing; however, as the deal went sour, Kenya flipped switch and started her own workout franchise.  The original movie was called Donkey Booty while its competitor Stallion Booty sparking the rest of their friends and co-stars to sincerely discuss which booty they would actually prefer. Apparently, Kandi is the only smart one, as this Atlanta housewife cuts out the middle man and just gets her booty fat lasered off. Shudder.

Anyway, the latest Real Housewives of Atlanta featured a nearly naked Kenya going from hood to harrowing with her awkwardly executed parody of “Phaedra at the beach.”  Rather than wreaking some sort of revenge, if this indeed is what she was actually going for, she really just exacerbated heavily circulated rumors of her craziness and/or alcohol addiction.  Thankfully for reality TV, Kenya doesn’t care and won’t stop.  Her reaction to the shock? “People wanna call you crazy you gotta give’em crazy, chile.”  Stay tuned.

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