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Jalesa Hall

The new iPad..don't call it iPad 3

At a conference in San Francisco Wednesday, Apple introduced the new iPad, but it’s not the iPad 3.

Apple Inc. has introduced a new version of one of their popular devices, the iPad Wednesday during a conference, according to Bloomberg News.

The device will cost between $499 and $829 and has an A5X chip that will allow for better graphics. The event in San Francisco also explained how the iPad will have a 9.7 inch screen “that has more pixels than traditional high-definition televisions and run on so called long-term evolution, or LTE, wireless networks, according to Bloomberg News.

The retina display is one of the new iPad’s most obvious new features with 264 pixels, though the display is not as clear as the iPhone 4S, Olivarez Giles says, “…it’s still a million more pixels than an HDTV.”

Along with a better screen comes a better camera. The new iPad will have an iSight camera, just like the iPhone 4S.

This new version will hopefully help fight off competition from the Android operating system and Amazon.com’s Kindle Fire, which for $199 has been popular in this economy where people are always looking to save.

The new version will be released March 16 and Apple has already been taking orders.

AT&T and Verizon will be the first of the U.S. wireless carriers to sell the device.
The 4G connection will make it easier to download larger files and it is reported that consumers will still get the nine hours of battery life while using 4G. Devices running on 4G have, in the past, had a tendency to drain the battery’s life.

Critics seemed to be upset with the lack of Siri. Adrian Kingley-Hughes at ZDNet said, “Siri’s absence is the biggest disappointment by far.” Omitting it seems “strange and somewhat surprising. I wonder if this is because Siri is still in beta?”
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What is Kony2012 about

Kony2012 which been all over Facebook and trending on Twitter, is the latest viral video.

 Kony 2012, the newest viral video, has been all over Facebook and Twitter but does not have a cat playing piano or a little brother biting his older brother’s finger.

With trending topics like “StopKony2012, Knoy2012 or Invisible Children,” it has a lot of people wondering just what it is and why should they care.

Kony refers to Joseph Kony, a warlord in Uganda who is also the leader of a rebel army, according to King5.com. This army has been at war with the Ugandan government for decades. The army is an extreme menace to Ugandan people for the fear of them kidnapping thousands of children and using them as soldiers or sex slaves.

The Lord’s Resistance Army or LRA identifies themselves as a Christian group as Kony believes that he is a voice for the spirits that guide him on what to do. However, most international Christian groups consider LRA a cult and have joined in forces to stop Kony and LRA from his long reign of terror.

The video that has gone viral features Invisible Children, an international campaign, to stop Kony and help victims. Invisible Children created the 30 minute film to bring awareness to this situation. Several times in the video, they mention that Kony is almost unknown around the world. The campaign says its goal “aims to make Joseph Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice.”

President Obama sent under 100 troops to Uganda last fall to give support to the government and surrounding countries and to train them.

People believe that Kony’s reign has gone on this long because his doings went un-noticed in the big picture of wars and other country issues, but Invisible Children is determined to no longer make that the case.

Watch the video below:

<iframe src=”http://player.vimeo.com/video/37119711?title=0&amp;byline=0&amp;portrait=0&amp;color=d13030″ width=”400″ height=”225″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/37119711″>KONY 2012</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/invisible”>INVISIBLE CHILDREN</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a>.</p>

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Mitt Romney wins in Super Tuesday

Mitt Romney wins 6 states, Rick Santorum wins 3 and Newt Gingrich wins 1 in Super Tuesday.

Mitt Romney continues to lead in the race of Republican presidential nominee, thanks to Super Tuesday’s results. Political analysts believe that the Ohio primary is a critical point in the battle and NBC News has project Mitt Romney to be the winner of the state.

After winning Arizona and Michigan, Romney eliminated Santorum’s lead, despite Santorum winning several Super Tuesday caucuses and primaries.
NBC News projects Romney as the winner in Vermont, Massachusetts, Idaho and Virginia.

Santorum suggested to have won Tennessee, Oklahoma and North Dakota with Newt Gingrich picking up Georgia and Ron Paul with none.

Though Romney had been seen earlier in the campaign as a party favorite, just a few thousand voters separate Romney and Santorum making this a closer race than anyone expected.

Santorum said in Ohio before results announced, “We’re going to win a few; we’re going to lose a few. But as it looks right now, we’re going to get at least a couple of gold medals and a whole passel full of silver medals.”

Santorum went on to say, “We have won in the West and the Midwest and the South, and we’re ready to win across this country.

Between all the states that held their primaries or caucuses and Wyoming, 424 out of the 1,144 delegates needed to win the nomination were up for grabs on Tuesday.

In Romney’s speech on Tuesday he said, “Tonight we’re doing some counting. We’re counting the delegates for the convention and that looks good and we’re counting down the days to the convention and that looks better.”

Romney typically performs well among voters who have the economy as their top concern or who believe that Romney has the ability to beat President Obama in the November election.

Some Republicans had hope that Super Tuesday would be a turning point for the Republican Party, particularly on how the rest of the country views them.

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Elizabeth Berkley Pregnant

Elizabeth Berkley and husband Greg Lauren are expecting their first child.

Elizabeth Berkley, famous for her role as Jessie Spano on “Saved by the Bell,” is expecting, according to The Long Island Press.

Berkley joins Vanessa Minnillo and “Jersey Shore’s,” Snooki this week for announcing pregnancies.

Berkley officially announced her pregnancy after pictures of her growing belly surfaced.
Berkley told People magazine, “In life there are moments you cherish forever and this is one of them.”

This will be husband Greg Lauren and hers first child together. The child is expected this summer.

Lauren and Berkley were married back in 2003 and although she has reported changed her name, she still uses Berkley for professional reasons.

In addition to her long running role as Jessie, Berkley went on to play Nomi Malone in Showgirls, appear in The First Wives Club, and be on Broadway.

Greg Lauren, nephew of Ralph Lauren, is an artist, part-time fashion designer and had a role in such films as Boogie Nights and Batman and Robin.

Scarlett Johansson lands a role in "Psycho"

In an upcoming film about the making of the popular movie “Psycho,” Scarlett Johansson has been added to the cast.

Scarlett Johansson will play Janet Leigh in the upcoming film “Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho, according to BBC News.”

The role of Leigh is best known for the thrilling shower scene in the 1960 horror movie.

Johansson joins a cast with Anthony Hopkins, famous for his role in The Silence of the Lambs, and Helen Mirren, who starred in the Queen, who are currently cast as Hitchcock and his wife.

The film will explain the story of Hitchcock’s trials and tribulations to make the film. Based upon a book written by Stephen Rebello, the film show how Hitchcock decided to make a horror movie at a high point in his career.

Hitchcock had trouble finding studios interested so he financed and produced the film himself for $800,000. 

Other cast members include: British actor James D’Arcy, who will play Anthony Perkins.

The film is being directed by Sacha Gervasi, journalist and film-maker, who was responsible for the 2008 rock-umentray Anvil! The Story of Anvil.

Psycho, with its rocky start, went on to be “one of the most influential films of all time.”

Nick Cannon health problems figured out

After months of various health problems, Nick Cannon has announced he has a autoimmune disease.

Nick Cannon has recently been going through a series of health problems, including kidney failure and blood clots in his lungs.

Cannon now says that doctors have determined that an autoimmune disease is the cause of his recent medical issues, according to Yahoo!

Cannon told People Magazine on Wednesday, “It’s a lot of stuff, but it’s all in order now, They kind of say [my] autoimmune [disease] is – like a lupus type of thing, but no one else in my family has it.”

The “America’s Got Talent,” host was especially surprised by the discovery of blood clots because he was still recovering from the kidney failure he suffered in January.

Cannon said, “I thought I was getting better. And then that happened, so that kind of came out of nowhere.”

According to Womenshealth.gov, autoimmune diseases affect more than 23.5 million Americans. There are more than 80 known types.

Cannon recently quit his New York radio show last month because of his repeated health problems and says now that his focus will be his health and spending time with wife Mariah Carey and their twins, Moroccan  and Monroe.

“I feel blessed to be alive. If it wasn’t discovered, I don’t know [what would have happened].”

The hype over cell phone jammers

Cell phone jammers, a device used to cut off radio frequencies, is becoming more popular among commuters.

A Philadelphia man was caught using a cell phone jammer, a device used to keep other passengers on the bus from using their cell phones.

He told a reporter at NBC10, “I guess I’m taking the law into my own hands, and quite frankly, I’m proud of it.”

Teresa Masterson, a writer at NBC10, discovered the jammer during one of her morning commutes and had this to say about it:
“While riding the bus, my cell phone signal suddenly went out, which is not normal, and continued to search for a signal for 15 minutes. After a little while, I noticed that everyone else on the bus on his/her cell was having the same problem. Then I see this guy. He’s openly holding something that looks like a walkie talkie with four antennae in his hand the whole time…I’m pretty sure it was one of those devices that cuts off signals; Jennifer Lopez used one in Enough, so that’s all the scientific analysis I need.”

The jammer, which is highly illegal, blocks radio frequencies for not just cell phones but anything that uses frequencies. According to Forbes.com, this means that the jammer could potentially block communication between the bus driver and the dispatch centers, possibly resulting in a public safety hazard.

The device also cuts off incoming calls, blocking someone from being able to communicate with the world around them.

These devices are becoming popular and have appeared frequently in places like New York and Washington D.C. The prices range from $40 to more than $10,000.

A New Jersey commuter said, “They’re the best thing ever. It fits in your pocket- they even make shady ones that look like packs of cigarettes. I’d guess it’s effective for about a 15 ft radius, possibly more.” The commuter uses the jammer when a passenger talks “too loud” or for “too long.”

“When I’ve used it, it’s to cut off a loud talker on the train that’s sitting hear me.” He purchased the device online from a company in China, where they are legal and has no guilty about his actions. “No guilt, just personal high fives.”

It’s hard to say where the future of cell phone jammers is headed or if we might see some laws soon for them.

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Minnesota Vikings might be close to new stadium

After constructing a new plan, supporters of the Vikings new stadium have to now convince lawmakers.

The Minnesota Vikings are steps closer to get a stadium that they have been waiting on for nearly ten years.

Governor Mark Dayton and Vikings owners Mark and Zygi Wilf announced plans for a brand-new, $975 million stadium to be built where the Metrodome sits at now in downtown Minneapolis. This step brings them closer to showing the plan to state lawmakers for approval.

Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak said, “Every single politican is now going to have to make a tough decision. Rybak will now have to convince city council members that money collected from sales tax should be used towards the projects.

According to Al.com, 201 state lawmakers are up for reelection this year and many of them don’t feel like using $737 million in public money to use for funding.
Senator Jeff Hayden said, “I can’t see a way for me to vote for it. My constituents have weighed in consistently that they do not want public financing of private stadiums.”

Supporters of the plan claim that the stadium will not only benefit the Vikings but the whole state of Minnesota. The plan calls for the team only keeping profit made during football games and allowing the stadium to be a “public entity” for other sporting events, concerts etc.

The stadium will cost $975 million to build. Supporters are asking for $398 million from the state, $150 million from Minneapolis and $427 million from the Vikings.

The NFL would also have to approve this stadium deal due to part of the Vikings money coming from a league funding program set up to help build new facilities around the NFL.
Dayton, who has been supporting this project for months, has referred to the stadium as the “people’s stadium,” insisting that the stadium will have multiple uses like high school and college sports tournaments and hosting national occasions like the Super Bowl.

The governor says that the new stadium could provide 8,000 construction jobs, 5,000 supplier jobs and 2,000 permanent jobs. If the plan gets approved, the stadium might be open as 2016, with the Vikings relocating for one season.

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Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose engaged

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose announced their engagement over Twitter Thursday.

Rapper Wiz Khalifa and model Amber Rose announced their engagement Thursday via Twitter.

Wiz Khalifa tweeted, “She Said Yes!!!!” with a picture of the engagement ring followed by Amber Rose’s tweet, “He has made me the Happiest Woman in the World!!!, followed by a picture of the ring again.

Khalifa tweeted later on that day, “I am so happy.”
Rose tweeted all her followers, “We Love all u Rosebuds, Rosestuds & Taylors so much! Thank u for all ur Love an Support 4 ya Muva & Fava’s Engagement!’

Several celebrity friends send their love towards the newly engaged couple including:
Snoop Dogg, who said, “congrats to my nef @realwizkhalifa and @darealamberrose on the engagement!!”
Paris Hilton: Congratulations @DaRealAmberRose & @RealWizKhalifa on your engagement! You make the perfect couple, so happy for you both! ♡☺
Russell Simmons: Congrats to @DaRealAmberRose & @RealWizKhalifa may they have happiness for the rest of their lives…

Wiz Khalifa, a rapper from Pittsburg, gained nation-wide  fame because of his debut single for Atlantic Records, “Black and Yellow,” which made it to number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 list.

Amber Rose is best known for her modeling career and appearance in music videos such as Fabolous’s “You Be Killin Em. She also had a high profile relationship with rapper Kanye West. Rose is currently the spokeswoman for Smirnoff’s new flavors Whipped and Fluffed.

The couple began dating in early 2011.
No word on wedding details yet. 

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Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio looking to prove Obama's birth certificate a fake

Republican Joe Arpaio believes that he might have discovered forgery in Obama’s birth certificate based on his own investigation.

Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio released early results of an investigation on the authenticity of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

Though this issue has been brought up several times and proven wrong, the idea still attempts to gain momentum by some conservatives.

Arpaio is claiming that he and his team have “probable cause” to believe that the birth certificate released by Obama’s administration in April was computer-generated.

Arpaio said, “We don’t know who the perpetrators are of these documents,” but it doesn’t feel like Obama forged the documents himself.

This investigation gained momentum after nearly 250 people associated with an Arizona tea party asked for the situation to be looked into further.

Arpaio says that it’s not his intent to attack Obama.
“I’m not going after Obama,” Arpaio says, “I’m just doing my job.

This recent investigation might be a decoy to take attention away from Arpaio’s own legal troubles, while he prepares to run for sheriff again this year.

A federal grand jury has been looking into Arpaio’s practices including his “alleged abuse of power, Justice Department accusations of racial profiling and revelations that his department didn’t adequately investigate hundreds of Arizona sex-crime cases,” according to the Chicago Sun Times.

In response to these accusations, Arpaio said, “You say I need this to get elected? Are you kidding me? I’ve been elected five times. I don’t need this.

Arpaio denies the allegations and believes that the investigation is politically motivated.

The debate about Obama’s birth certificate has been going on for years among conservatives. “Birthers,” as they are called, feel that Obama should not be president because he was born in Kenya.

Officials from Hawaii have made it clear that Obama is a United States citizen, and Obama released a copy of his birth certificate in an attempt to discontinue the rumors.

President Obama’s campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt poked fun at the situation by tweeting what he called a “live link” to Arpaio’s news conference but really took viewers to a clip of television series, “The X-Files.”

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