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How to be happy with your hair change

Princella Talley

Katy Perry at the 2011 VMAs

Understanding why women alter their hair and how to do it right

In light of the recent announcement that Katy Perry would be designing her own line of eyelashes with Eylure that will be made available next month at Ulta, I was led on a train of thought that was both superficial and somewhat meaningful. The superficial side of the brain immediately thought of how great her hair change was in early December. The other half of my noggin reminded me that Katy’s divorce was made public not too long after, and how common it is that many women tend to make drastic hair changes as a result of changes in relationships and lifestyle.

Personally, I’m guilty of cutting my hair when I feel like a major change has happened in my life and I color it when I feel bored and outdated. Studies have shown that there are more than a few reasons that women change their hair. Yet, the scary part of this study lies in the fact that it is also common for women to be unhappy with the changes made.

So how do you avoid the trauma of a bad hairstyle? Here are a few tips.

1. Understand that your emotions may change faster than your hairstyle. While you may feel edgy and bold enough for a Chinese bob with blunt bangs and hot pink streaks at the moment, you may miss your naturally long ponytail and softer look in the near future.

2. Try on hairstyles. Upload your picture to a virtual style site and find the look that best suits you. If you need more assurance, go to a hair store where you can try on wigs to get a feel of what your preference might be based on how the styles compliment your face.

3. Wait it out. As hard as it might be not to rush to your salon, it can be best to wait. Give it about two weeks to a month and see if your idea changes. If it does, then you run the risk of choosing a style you may not like for long. If your mind remains on the same look, then go for it.

Alas, nothing is foolproof. So, if you still end up with a cut  or color that you don’t like, you can always opt for some Katy Perry eyelashes to make you feel better.

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