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Guatemala earthquake kills dozens

Jill Treacy

A Guatemala earthquake wrecks havoc on San Marcos community

The country is in shock after 7.4-magnitude quake hits


The Guatemala earthquake has the Pacific coast communities reeling, with an estimated 52 dead, 150 injured and 23 unaccounted for, according to the New York Times. The earthquake hit Wednesday morning, destroying houses, government buildings, schools and roads. The hospital is the only building with electricity after yesterday’s earthquake. People are said to be huddled in the streets in fearful anticipation of aftershocks and more destruction.

“They have no drinking water, no electricity, no communication and are in danger of experiencing more aftershocks,” Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina said in a news conference. According to Perez, the area has seen 70 aftershocks 24 hours following the initial quake.

Damage is reported in 22 of the 23 Guatemala states and the earthquake was felt all over Central America. San Marcos was reportedly hit the hardest, where around 30 homes, the police station and courthouse, amongst other buildings, completely collapsed. President Perez says this is the largest Guatemala earthquake since 1976.

The hospital, while suffering damage, is not only treating patients, but housing many displaced from their homes as well. Patients and patients’ families have complained that service has been slow and the hospital is understaffed for this situation.

Firefighters and soldiers have been working to uncover people trapped from falling debris and cleaning up roads and destroyed buildings. Most of the missing people were from San Marcos where the earthquake hit hardest. 

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