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Dress to impress that special someone

So you’re getting ready for a first date, and suddenly all sorts of thoughts are running through your mind. What if he’s weird? What if you get something in your teeth? What if he tries to kiss you goodnight? What if he doesn’t? With so much seemingly out of your control, it’s no surprise that a first date can make even the most self-assured girl nervous. There is one thing though, that you do have power over, and that is what you wear. By choosing an outfit that both flatters and expresses you, you can go on the date with a confidence that will make you feel more in control. Learn what to wear, and what not to wear, with our simple rules.

What to Wear on a Date Rule 1

DO show yourself off – Everyone likes something about their body, and a date is the perfect time to flatter yourself. If you love your legs, try a dress with a shorter hemline or a skirt that hits mid-thigh. If you prefer your upper half, choose a top that cinches your waist or shows a little bit of cleavage. When you know you look good, you feel good.

DON’T show everything off – Always keep balance in mind. If you’re rocking a short skirt, match it with a top with a more modest neckline and a cute pair of flats. Pair a sexier top with dark jeans and your favorite heels. Also, don’t over-do the make-up and perfume. He’s there to get to know you, not the entire Sephora store.

What to Wear on a Date Rule 2

DO dress like you –Make a strong first impression by wearing something that means a lot to you. Try dressing up a favorite t-shirt with a blazer or building an outfit around a piece of jewelry with history. Bold “you” pieces teach him about you and can always be a go-to conversation topic.

DON’T dress like someone else – It’s easy to buy the outfit on the mannequin, but the newest style isn’t necessarily flattering on real people (jumpsuits and harems pants, I’m looking at you), and dressing generically trendy won’t do anything to distinguish you. Wearing an outfit you wouldn’t normally wear can also make you uncomfortable, which could translate into an awkward date.

What to Wear on a Date Rule 3

DO dress for the date – First dates can be anything, so you need to dress accordingly. It may seem obvious, but an afternoon coffee date can be more casual (think jeans and a cute top) than a fancier dinner date (try a nicer top and heels or a flirty dress). Preparing appropriately will let you relax during the date and not worry about how you look.

DON’T ever dress sloppy – You still want to look put-together even if he asks you for a quick cup of coffee. This means nothing you’d wear to bed, to the gym or anything with holes. Looking like you care what you look like shows your date that you respect him and want to be there.

The best part about these rules? You can make them work with the clothes you already have in your closet. By choosing the best pieces and putting them together correctly, you can create an outfit that will definitely get you a second date, if you want it. 

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