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Apple launches new products

Molly Huscroft

iPhone 4

Apple reveals new iPod Nano and iPhone 4S

Apple revealed a series of new clock faces for people who wear their iPod Nanos as watches at the company’s launch event Tuesday.

Along with several other new products, Apple revealed the 2011 iPod Nano, which has been made smaller (only 1.54 inches diagonally) and with a touch screen. iWatchZ, Lunatik and other vendors have created special bands in order to wear the new Nano as a watch.

Apple is offering 16 new faces for a total of 18 choices for watch wearers. The new faces available include Kermit the Frog and Mickey Mouse, as well as several more modern digital styles. All of the new watch faces are included with the new iPod Nanos so owners may change from one to another.

Another product released at the launch was Apple’s latest phone, the iPhone 4S. This latest model of the iPhone features a more powerful processor, an upgraded eight-megapixel camera and a voice-enable assistant application, among other new features. Its price will start at $199 for a 16GB model on contract and will go on sale Oct. 14.

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