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Xbox One Chinese Launch Dates and Prices Revealed

Katy Hollingsworth

Microsoft reveals the launch date and price for the Chinese Xbox One, sold exclusively through China Telecom.

Last week, Microsoft announced that it would be releasing its Xbox One exclusive to the Chinese audience through the third largest telecommunications company in China, China Telecom.

Today, Microsoft revealed that the console will launch on September 23rd, making it the first console for sale since the lift of the 14-year ban on on foreign systems.

Manufactored in Shanghai’s free trade zone, the Xbox One will cost Chinese gamers ¥3,699, or about $599.35 USD. The console will launch with titles like Forza 5, Kinect Sports Rivals, Zoo Tycoon and Max: Curse of the Brotherhood.

As a bonus, all units will ship with a BesTV entertainment pack, free access to Live until next March, a localized interface, and a two-year warranty. Day One editions will ship with a few extra titles and a special edition controller.

September will be a big month for Xbox as it launches in  26 new regions and nine countries, including Belgium, Sweden, Russia, Turkey, Netherlands, Poland, South Africa, Japan and India.

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