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What do recruiters look for?

Editorial Staff

Skills and qualities that will make you stand out to recruiters

There is not one magic key that can open all the doors to a job search. As job profiles keep changing, so do the job requirements. When it comes to recuiters, they still look for the fundamental qualities of integrity, self-motivation and trade skills.

But they also look for additional qualities that can set a person apart in today’s job market.

First, your enthusiasm and upbeat personality is paramount. This is the first core quality that recruiters will notice when interviewing you. Only self-motivated and upbeat candidates will make it to the shortlist.

The next important thing recruiters look for is character and a strong sense of ethics. Strong character coupled with professionalism determines your interpersonal skills. Past experiences and references of your former superiors will typically impress recruiters. Recent graduates and current students should know the importance of internships and apprenticeships.

Other qualities that make a person a good potential employee are the ability to adapt to a new situation, responsiveness and flexibility.

Recruiters are looking for students who take initiative and go above and beyond what is required for graduation. That is why on-campus activities, networking abilities and participation in student or professional organizations can’t be neglected.

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