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The Goliath is going to churn stomachs this Summer

Editorial Staff

The Goliath features a 165 ft hill

The new ride will be the tallest and faster coaster in the world

CHICAGO- Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois is getting a HUGE edition this summer. The introduction of the Goliath is going to send adrenaline junkies into frenzy, since it is dubbed the world’s fastest and tallest wooden roller coaster with the tallest and steepest drop.

Anyone who has been on the Viper or the American Eagle can attest to the fact that even if the drop is minimal, wooden rides are terrifying. Between the intense vibrations and the disturbing thoughts that the only thing holding you up is WOOD, it makes for an even more terrifying experience then the current steepest coaster at Six Flags, the Raging Bull.

So add the world’s highest on the title of wooden coaster and you’ve got yourself a perfectly horrifying nightmare. However, for those adrenaline aficionados out there, this is going to be a dream come true. This past weekend, builders topped it off with the final piece by adding a 165 ft hill that drops riders 180 ft and reaches a top speed of 72 mph at an 85-degree angle.

To compare, the Raging Bull goes at a top speed of 73 mph and features a 208 ft drop at the beginning of the ride, I guess to get the pants shitting over as soon as possible. However, as pointed out before, this ride is NOT wooden. In addition, The Goliath will turn riders upside down at a couple points, which just makes me even more terrified of the ride.

As terrified as I am of this ride, I will stand in the three-hour line to try out the ride a long with the other daredevils.  The ride still has plenty of testing to go through before it debuts this summer. Check out a POV video of the scariness The Golitath will have to offer.

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