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Controversial radio host joins America's Got Talent

Elif Geris

Howard Stern

Howard Stern joins judging panel

Radio host Howard Stern joins the judges of America’s Got Talent, and has been dubbed the show “uncle” (The Washington Post). His heart was already stolen during the season’s premier last night. A duet between a father and his seven-year-old daughter surprised the inner softy of Stern, along with those of co-judges Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mendel.

Wooed by Jorge and Alexa Narvaez, Stern said, “Wow, Jorge. I wish you were my dad.” The controversial radio host was so charmed on last night’s airing of “America’s Got Talent,” that he naturally voted for the two to be sent straight to Vegas, where contestants would continue to compete.

On last night’s season premier of America’s Got Talent, along with the compassionate family duo came a gargantuan “Earth Harp,” played by William Close. The instrument was made of 3,000 feet of steel. Also to make it to the Las Vegas rounds was The Elements Dance Crew performing a unique clog dancing act, also winning the approval of the renovated America’s Got Talent panel. After performing an unimpressive rendition of The Girl From Ipanema, singer Simply Sergio was given the opportunity to redeem himself, and played it safer with God Bless America. The judges gave him the “okay” to move on to the next round. 

Even a puppeteer featured in last night’s America’s Got Talent was sent west, along
with a scorpion-eating man.

While the Parents Television Council initially challenged the idea of having the notorious radio host on the show, in fear that Stern’s adult sense of humor might accompany him, Los Angeles Times writer Robert Lloyd supported the addition. Lloyd thought Stern’s mere belief in the motto of the show would motivate him to keep any inappropriateness out. Lloyd also strongly holds that the organization “sells short the show’s producers and misreads Stern, who has shown himself perfectly capable of good behavior on other people’s turf.” 

Not only is Stern capable of maintaining good professionalism in a new environment, but The Washington Post dubbed him a “sweet old grandpa” after his debut on America’s Got Talent.

While the new addition to the judging panel has disposed of some of his darker ways for the America’s Got Talent set, he has maintained a small degree of them in his critiques. When an America’s Got Talent contestant told Stern that his parents were dead, the seemingly crass judge asked, “Did they die of embarrassment?”

Stern distributes his hugs evenly, though, and essentially strives to accomplish the true goal of the show.   

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