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Trailer released for 21 Jump Street Remake

Jalesa Hall

Jonah Hill

The remake of the 80s TV Series even has a Johnny Depp cameo.

As if we aren’t being bombarded with enough remakes of our favorite 80s and 90s television shows and movies, another has surfaced.

21 Jump Street, based on the TV show will start Jonah Hill of Superbad and Channing Tatum of Dear John and Step Up, as police officers who go undercover in a high school to expose a drug ring.  

The original 21 Jump Street, a television show that premiered in 1987, shows us an undercover police unit of young people, involved with solving youth crimes, according to IMDB. The show featuring a young Johnny Depp and Holly Robinson Peete ended in 1991. 

Directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the remake has a cameo from Depp. Depp told MTV: “I went and did my bit as I was hoping to, and it worked out really well. It was really fun.” 

In a race to gain followers, Hill and Tatum had a war on Twitter about whoever won got to post the trailer for the move first. Hill won. 

The remake is hitting theaters March 16, 2012. 

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Here’s the trailer…warning it does contain profanity: 

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