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The Walking Dead Season 4 premiere recap: It's raining zombies, not men

Jess Smith

The Walking Dead cast at Comic Con

Season 4, Episode 1: 30 Days Without An Accident premiered last night

The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere was probably relatively calm for a show about a post-apocalyptic world that is overrun with flesh-eating zombie folk. The episode begins where it ended last year. Rick Grimes’ trendy new village that he made from the desolate prison community last season is now the home for the survivors, with them even managing to have a community garden, meals, cute farm animals and a functioning government council (sounds like a hipster neighborhood).

The Walkers must want to join their trendy  new community too because a massive group of them gather behind the fences that surround the community, which prompts the need for volunteers to kill the Walkers.

The farm animals and garden are working to create a system where the crew is always being supplied with food, but they still must set traps outside of the ex-prison camp to catch morsels to eat, as well as loot a Big Lots store. We see newcomer and former Army medic Bob cause a heap of trouble when he attempts to steal a bottle of liqour, which probably acts as a bit of foreshadowing for what will happen later on in the season. Conflict ensues when the loot goes completely wrong and the store starts to rain zombies, as the undead fall through the roof of the rotting establishment. This leads to Daryl, Glen, Zach, Sasha, Micchone, and Bob fighting for their lives, which ultimately come out untarnished except for Zach receiving a bite on the leg. Zach ends up dieing and his girlfriend, Beth can’t seem to accept his unfortunate fate.

Meanwhile, Rick is off in the dangerous woods checking his traps for possible food and of course things don’t end up going well on his end of the deal either. A seemingly desperate woman sees Rick and asks him if she can join that trendy community of his, but Rick will only allow her entry if she can answer three questions. “How many Walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed? Why?”

Well, turns out that woman’s husband is a walker and the lady ultimately ends up stabbing herself in the stomach so she can be with her husband forever, but as a Walker. I wonder what zombie sex is like? As Rick returns to the camp he sees that my favorite character, Violet the pig’s condition is even worse and the poor creature is on the brink of death.

New guy, Patrick, is almost in the same condition as poor Violet. A little earlier in the episode, Zach seems to not be feeling well, but by the end of the episode we see this is no joke, as he collapses in the shower with blood all over him.

Alas, the episode ends with some questions in the air, the main one being: What the hell is wrong with Zach? 

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