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Terrell Owens says he's lost nearly $80M

Editorial Staff

Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens: “I’m in hell”

Terrell Owens is hurting these days. Not only is the former NFL star depressed, he’s also running out of money.

The Hollywood Gossip reports that Owens told GQ that he blames the media for not allowing him the chance to rehab his injury, and he blames agent Drew Rosenhaus for not protecting him from a bad business deal.

Owens earned $80 million over the course of his career, but confesses that he is in financial trouble. Owens insists he didn’t spend lavishly, but asserts that he was too trusting of those handling his affairs. Rosenhaus, Owens says, recommending financial advisers to him who lost his money in the housing collapse and highly leveraged ventures.

“I hate myself for letting this happen,” Owens told GQ. “I believed that they had my back when they said, ‘You take care of the football, and we’ll do the rest.’

“And in the end, they just basically stole from me.”

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